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A tea-loving Mum's gift guide to Mother’s Day

By Kym Cooper. Posted
A tea-loving Mum's gift guide to Mother’s Day

I am a Mum to 2 small humans and I am a self confessed tea nerd. There is something special about receiving tea or tea related gifts for Mother's Day as it generally brings you joy and comfort beyond that one day of the year. I have put together my suggestions for tea gifts for Mother's Day that I would be delighted to receive to give you some inspiration. 

For the busy tea drinking Mum

Without a doubt all Mum’s fit squarely in this category! If you want to share the tea love with your busy Mum, you want to make it easy and convenient for her to prepare a wonderful and comforting cuppa. You can't go wrong with a modern and stylish all-in-one teacup and infuser. Add some quality leaf tea to make it the complete tea brewing package.

The Steepery Tea Co. - Kinto unimug

When choosing this style of tea brewer ensure that it has a deep and wide tea infuser that allows the leaves to fully expand. We love the Kinto UNIMUG or the Finum tea brewing system; as they are beautiful and practical. When selecting a quality leaf tea you may want to choose something that is easy to brew (and can be a little forgiving when overbrewed).

The Steepery Tea Co. - Finum Tea brewing system

We can recommend our Imperial Qimen for a consistent and delicious brews that has delicious malty and honey notes.

For the traditional tea loving Mum

Some Mum’s like their established tea rituals and who are we to argue. They have been practising them for years and have served Mum well through all kinds of occasions. Instead of revolutionising these traditions perhaps a considerate upgrade to the teapot or some quality leaf tea that still heralds the tea style your Mum thoroughly enjoys.

The Steepery Tea Co. - Kinto BRIM

We love a classic white teapot with inbuilt tea infuser such as the Kinto BRIM or for something a little more show stopping the KINTO Unitea one touch teapot that allows you to watch the tea leaves dance. We think our Breakfast Tea Sampler pack would make a perfect addition to any gift for Mum. The black teas have been selected for having desirable properties of popular breakfast blends but are pure single-origin teas that can hold up to the addition of milk and sweetener, if desired.

The Steepery Tea Co. - Kinto Unitea one touch teapot

For the TEA-curious Mum

These are the Mum’s who are well versed in all things tea and often proclaim they are also a tea nut offering you a new style of tea each time you visit or have a range of teas to suit the season and mood. They may have strict preparation methods for different teas and will prepare them for you with love and care.

Up the tea brewing game by introducing what we believe is the ultimate tea brewing tool. The little lidded cup called the Gaiwan oozes soul and allows complete brewing control. Admittedly the first attempts at the Gaiwan can be a little tricky but before long your Mum will be brewing like a gong fu cha master. This will allow her to extract aromas and flavours from teas not experienced in the teapot. It can be used to brew all styles of leaf tea. Our Classic Gaiwan is the perfect size for Mum's hand and is simply stunning.

The Steepery Tea Co. - Pure Classic Gaiwan

Your Mum already knows about quality leaf tea. We have introduced a new glass storage canister to our range to take the perfect care of those leaves. Select anyone of our pure leaf teas and have it packaged in our gorgeous black glass tea storage canister. This is not any glass canister, this has all the properties necessary to look after those delicate and precious teas. By keeping tea away from its environmental enemies: moisture, heat, light and aromas you get the most out of your tea. And it looks gorgeous in any gourmet kitchen. Shop our tea collection.

The Steepery Tea Co. - Black glass canister

Finally, if you live in Brisbane we don’t think you can go past the ultimate tea experience on Mother’s Day. Forget High Tea and come along to a fun and creative afternoon crafting your own signature tea blends.

The Steepery Tea Co. - Mothers Day gift guide

Immerse yourself in the aromas and flavours of a wide variety of tea bases and tisane ingredients. For an afternoon sipping tea, creating a signature tea blend to take home and enjoying some savoury and sweet bites purchase your tickets via our website today.

Of course, nothing can beat a cup of tea that is prepared and brewed for your Mum with love and care (and maybe served on a tray in bed)! We wish all the Mum's of the world the happiest Mother's Day, you deserve it.

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