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2018 Kanayamidori Japanese Black

Asatsuyu wakocha

Black Tea from Japan

We are excited to expand our tea collection to include a second Japanese wakocha (wa=Japan, kocha=black tea).

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We are excited to expand our tea collection to include a second Japanese wakocha (wa=Japan, kocha=black tea).

Our organic Kanayamidori wakocha produces a semi-sweet tea liquor with a wonderful floral fragrance. This tea has a medium body with notes of wood and spice with a delicate astringency.

Kanayamidori (30) was registered as a cultivar in 1970, a cross between Yabukita and native cultivar Zarai 6 (s6). This cultivar leaves are smaller than Yabukita and it flushes a few days later. As a green tea it is generally used for sencha and produces a liquor with a good body and a slightly milky aroma.

Our tea comes from the Hachimanju tea garden. We are delighted to have some of their small batch aged wakocha due to its limited production each year. Wakocha is one of the personal interests of the tea producers and they attempt each year to make improvements to its aroma and flavour. We are huge supporters of this tea garden as the Watanabe family grow and produce all of the tea themselves and they have an ethos and belief in sustainable and natural farming practices. We loved them even more when they told that us that “weeding is performed by hand with our warm heart”. 

Origin: Yakushima Island, Kagoshima prefecture, Japan

Flavour profile: Semi-sweet | Rose | Woodsy

Processing highlights: The Watanabe family grows the Kanayamidori cultivar each year to produce a small amount of Wakocha. They have a personal curiosity in the production of Japanese black tea and experiment with first harvest growth. The ageing process allows the tea to mellow.

Harvest: Second harvest 2018

Cultivar: Kanayamidori

Tea Master: Watanabe family tea garden

Yakushima is located in the southernmost part of Japan. It benefits from a warm geographical location and high rainfall. It produces Japan’s earliest high quality green tea. Located in the Kagoshima prefecture, much of the island is covered in temperate rainforest and in 1993 approximately 21% of the island was declared a UNESCO world heritage site. The Hachimanju tea garden is JAS organically certified and naturally farmed

Elevation: 80-100m

A warming and soothing black tea that is smooth and semi-sweet. Produced in 2018 this tea has beautifully mellowed with age producing notes of rose and wood. It’s has a long lasting sweet finish that is reminiscent of berry jam.

Wakocha makes for an exceptionally versatile pairing with both sweet and savoury foods. Try this wakocha with a vegetable rice salad or with a slice of coconut cheesecake.

Leaf appearance: Even dark brown to black broken leaf

Aroma: A warming woodsy and spice aroma that has a floral bouquet reminiscent of rose.

Liquor colour: Red with golden rim

Brewing & Storage

Store in an airtight container away from light, heat and moisture. 

Brewing Method Amount Temperature Time Infusions
Japanese 3-4g / 250mL 100˚C 2.5-3.5 min 2-3
Cold Brew 6-8g / 500mL Refrigerate Overnight (approximately 8hrs) 2-3