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Hoo Ceramics Pourer

Hoo Ceramics

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An organic and natural handcrafted pourer is the perfect addition to any tea set. More ›



An organic and natural handcrafted pourer is the perfect addition to any tea set. Often when we brew a large pot of tea for one person it is too much for one cup. The idea of the pourer is to be able to empty your teapot of the last remaining drops stopping any further infusion of your tea leaves. Your pourer can be set aside to refill your cup when you are ready.  

These gorgeous little pourers have been made from white ironside stoneware and finished in either a white or peach glaze. Your one of kind piece has been lovingly created by talented Brisbane ceramist, Natalie Hoo.

When asked to describe herself in 3 words, Natalie Hoo of Hoo Ceramics, says she is an observer, creator, and driven. 

Natalie loves to keep her hands busy, and her mind calm. She is a business growth manager at a professional services firm, KPMG, a freelance photographer, and ceramicist. Pottery is her newest adopted hobby and she looks forward to learning and developing her pottery skills further.

When asked to describe her ceramics she shares that no one piece is the same. She tries to steer away from fixed measurements and often will not take orders where a client might want a ceramic to look exactly like what they have seen elsewhere, what’s the point? She likes keeping her glazes and finished products simple, organic, and earthy.

Hoo Ceramics makes a perfect addition to our handcrafted teawares, where we look for unique qualities in every piece. We love the fact that no two items are exactly the same and we embrace the Japanese view of Wabi Sabi – beauty in imperfection and impermanence.

Whilst this item is dishwasher safe we always recommend handwashing to prolong the life of your handcrafted ceramics.                               

Origin: Handcrafted in Brisbane, Australia

Colour: White Ironstone clay and white or peach glaze 

Capacity: approximately 200-250ml