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2021 Ya Shi Xiang "Old Bush"

Duck Poop Fragrance

Oolong Tea from China

Our Ya Shi Xiang is an aromatic and complex oolong with deep floral, almond and fruit notes.

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Our Ya Shi Xiang is an aromatic and complex oolong with deep floral, almond and fruit notes. A generous tea with its candy-like fragrance and buttery mouthfeel produces a long-lasting sweet finish.

Our 2021 tea has been picked from tea bushes that are are around 80 years old, contributing to a well-balanced and thickness to the tea liquor. 

Phoenix oolongs are traditional Chinese teas revered since the Ming Dynasty. The name applies to a group of oolongs that are grown in Feng Huang Shan (the Phoenix Mountains) of which Ya Shi Xiang or "Duck Poop Fragrance" has one of the most interesting stories.  

Origin: Ping Keng Tou, Guangdong province, China

 Flavour profile: Sweet | Floral | Apricot

Picking standard: 2 leaves and a bud

Processing highlights: The consistency in the brown-black dry leaf shows the skill of the tea master in monitoring and controlling the level of oxidation. The oxidation level is 60-70%. Our Ya Shi Xiang has undergone a deep traditional charcoal roasting, one time using 120˚C fire for 28 hours.

Harvest: 05.04.2021 

Cultivar: Ya Shi Xiang

Tea Master: Mr Zhou

Our Ya Shi Xiang has been grown in Ping Keng Tou, the original place of this style of dancong.

The original Dan Cong plants were propagated from seed over 700 years ago in the Phoenix Mountans (Feng Huang Shan) area. These have been harvested and processed individually since this time, hence, the name Dan Cong or single bush. The tea makers noted differences in flavours and aromas from each of the plants and thus begun a fine example of selective breeding as each plant was given the name of the fragrance they represented.

Elevation: 1,000m

A full-bodied infusion that produces a complex liquor with a floral bouquet and flavours reminiscent of apricots. This tea is thoroughly enjoyable served on its own.

Leaf appearance: Strip style with long, lightly twisted black-brown leaves.

Aroma: Distinct orchid aroma containing notes of ripened stone fruit and wood.

Liquor colour: Brilliant clear yellow-red

Brewing & Storage

Store in an airtight container away from light, heat and moisture. 

Brewing Method Amount Temperature Time Infusions
Western 2-3g / 150mL 85˚C-90˚C 2 min 2-3
Gong Fu Cha 4-6g / 100mL 85˚C-90˚C First brew: 15s Subsequent: 15-30s 6+
Cold Brew 9-15g / 500mL Refrigerate Overnight (approximately 8hrs) 1