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The Steepery Tea Co. has curated a selection of exceptional loose-leaf teas from the world’s leading tea producing regions. We have chosen teas that are characteristic of the ecosystem in which they are produced and exhibit remarkable flavour and aromas.

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2012 Shou Mei Mini Tuocha Gift Tag

Tea Sampler
All the best gifts should be dressed with tea coins! Each of our gift tag pouches contain 3 mini tuocha. These little discs are pressed aged white Shou Mei tea cakes that make the perfect pot of tea weighing 5g each. Derived from 2012 tea leaf mat...


2018 Buddha Hand

Fo Shou
Oolong Tea from China
Our 2018 Buddha Hand (also known as Fo Shou or Xiang Yuan) is highly aromatic with floral, pear and stone fruit flavours and delicate toast and mineral notes. The mouthfeel is smooth and creamy leaving a long-lasting sweetness reminiscent of brown...

2020 Taitung Oolong

Oolong Tea from Taiwan
Taitung oolong is highly aromatic and smooth. It produces a sweet infusion that is reminiscent of baked peach, toasted nuts and honey. We have been carrying Taitung Oolong since 2018 and it is a customer favourite. We previewed a couple of excelle...

2020/21 Arakai Estate Spring Flush Black

Black Tea from Australia
Arakai Estate’s 2020/21 Spring Flush black tea is harvested from the first growth from tea bushes that have been dormant over winter. This results in a semi-sweet tea that has a comforting malt and woodsy profile and a subtle floral bouquet.  This...

2021 Kahori Wakocha

Kahori 2nd Wakocha
Black Tea from Japan
Excited to be bringing you another style of Japanese wakocha (wa=Japan, kocha=black tea) from our tea grower, Etsuro Masui. Unique to Kahori 2nd, the tea leaves are intentionally bitten by a planthopper. Kahori 2nd Wakocha is a second harvest tea...

2022 Jasmine Dragon Pearl

Mo Li Hua Long Zhu
Green Tea from China
Combining high-grade Zhenghe Spring green tea that has been scented traditionally with Guangxi jasmine flowers has resulted in a perfect jasmine fragrance and a long sweet finish. This scented green tea is creamy, luscious and refreshing. With eac...

2022 Wild Lapsang Souchong

Zheng Shan Xiao Zhong
Black Tea from China
Our wild grown Lapsang Souchong is medium-bodied, smooth and comforting. It has a distinct fruitiness, reminiscent of peach, with floral undertones and a distinct creamy lingering sweetness on the palate. This tea will mellow over the next 6 month...

2022 Winter White Pressed Tea

White Tea from China
 Our tea producer, Cindy Chen, slipped some samples into our Spring harvest taster pack of this little paper wrapped tea cake. As soon as I tasted it I knew I had to bring it into my collection and share it with you. It represents the innovation a...

2022-23 Arakai Estate Premium Black

Black Tea from Australia
Arakai Estate’s premium black tea is a firm favourite amongst our customers. We have been delighted by the 2022-23 harvest that exhibits great texture and weight. Processed from the second picking of the 2022-23 harvest. This results in a semi-swe...

2022-23 Arakai Estate Premium Green

Green Tea from Australia
Arakai Estate 2022/23 Premium Green is one of those teas you could drink and enjoy throughout the day. It is a rich, semi-sweet tea that is smooth on the palate. It has a distinct butteriness making for a soothing and delicious brew. Arakai Estat...

2023 Mi Lan Xiang

Honey Orchid Dan Cong
Oolong Tea from China
Our Mi Lan Xiang is a single varietal Phoenix oolong with a distinct orchid fragrance and long lasting honey finish. A deliciously rich and complex tea with distinct stone fruit notes. Whilst some care and attention needs to be given in brewing th...

2023 Old Bush Lapsang Souchong

Zheng Shan Xiao Zhong
Black Tea from China
A fresh yet decadent tea liquor that has a long-lasting sweet finish. A complex nose of sweet berries, honey and a floral bouquet. We recommend drinking this tea slowly and reverently as old tea bushes leave a wonderful mellow feeling when enjoyed...