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To enrich your tea experience we share a range of selected teawares that are beautiful and functional. Crafted to promote global tea culture and authentic preparation of our loose-leaf teas.

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Steepery Pure Classic Gaiwan

Teapots & Gaiwans
A gaiwan literally translates to “Lid Bowl” and is the most versatile piece of teaware you can own. It features commonly in Gong Fu Cha tea ceremonies and can be used as both a teapot or as a teacup. This is a highly desirable item for any tea ent...


Steepery Pure Pitcher

Pitchers & Pourers
Our Steepery Pure Pitcher is an elegant handleless classic pitcher. This porcelain pitcher suits any tea table, is versatile and offers the simplest way to appreciate tea.  Pitchers are used during Gong Fu Cha tea ceremonies and are often referred...


Steepery Pure Tasting Cup

Teacups & Tea Bowls
Our redesigned Steepery Pure Tasting Cup is a well balanced and versatile cup that enables good aroma for any tea drinking session. It has a low line profile, a thinner foot with a very thin lip making an excellent tasting cup.  The small size of ...


Steepery Pure Teapot

Teapots & Gaiwans
This gorgeous little porcelain teapot is exactly the same as those used in our Sunday morning tea service at Wandering Cooks. At a perfect size of 100ml these teapots make it simple and easy to start enjoying gong fu cha tea brewing in your own ho...


Tall cup

One Blue Nest
Teacups & Tea Bowls
A beautiful white translucent porcelain cup perfect for holding those larger cups of tea. These cups are refined whilst still maintaining a robust and organic feeling in the hand. The tall shape of the cup allows the holder to gain a true sense of...