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Himalayan Sunrise

White Tea from Nepal
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Our Himalayan Sunrise produces a smooth rounded infusion.

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Our Himalayan Sunrise produces a smooth rounded infusion. This is a beautiful white tea with a deep golden liquor and semi-sweet notes reminiscent of chestnuts, toast and root vegetables. 

We loved this tea as it is not like any other white tea we have tasted from other growing regions. Finding unique expressions of terroir and providing our customers with opportunities to taste these brings us great joy and we think this is a wonderful introduction to Nepali teas.

Origin: Panchthar, Nepal

Flavour profile: Smooth | Nutty | Root vegetable

Processing highlights: This tea consists of young leaves and buds. After the selective plucking, the leaves are withered and dried in the sun. The tea plants are irrigated from the unpolluted runoff of the pure snow of the Himalayas.

Harvest: Autumnal flush 2017

Plucking standard: 2-3 leaves and a bud

Located in the eastern part of Nepal, Panchthar is a beautiful hilly district lying in the shadow of the Kanchacanga Himals (snow-capped mountain range).

Elevation: 1,800m

Our Himalayan Sunrise carries a surprising strength and flavour for a white tea. There is a wonderful balance of savoury and semi-sweet notes that are nutty and toasty. The tea leaves a creamy textured feeling in the mouth with a refreshing finish with a hint of citrus.

Himalayan Sunrise makes a good choice for those wanting to explore the diversity of white teas and is also is a wonderful representation of Nepali tea and terroir. 

This tea will pair well with vegetables, meats and fish. It also makes a great tea to pair with desserts including those containing spice and chocolate. Try this tea with a spiced cinnamon doughnut.

Leaf appearance: A varicoloured tea comprising leaves and bud with white downy tips and leaves with hues of light brown, green, red and dark brown.

Aroma: Aromatic semi-sweet medley of root vegetable, malt, toast and nuts.

Liquor colour: Brilliant yellow-orange

Brewing & Storage

Store in an airtight container away from light, heat and moisture. 

Brewing Method Amount Temperature Time Infusions
Western 5-6g / 250mL 100˚C 4 min 3-4
Cold Brew 8-10g / 500mL Refrigerate Overnight (approximately 8hrs) 1