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Tea & Cheese pairing evening

Emile & Solange and The Steepery Tea Co. Tea & Cheese pairing evening

Imagine that one day you will be about to sample a cup of tea...and an aged gouda! While it may be a much less famous duo than wine and cheese, tea and cheese also happens to be a time-tested, dynamic marriage, with plenty of tantalising combinations to explore. So - be curious, and book your ticket today.

You say tea (and cheese)?

Tea has an incredible diversity and more similarities to the wine world than you can imagine. It is an agricultural product affected by ‘terroir’ and the skill of the tea makers to create a fine tea. This results in infinite styles of tea and a rich breadth of aroma and flavour profiles. But what makes tea pair perfectly with cheese is the introduction of the hot infusion. The warming of the mouth followed by the cheese results in a softening or melting of the cheese that can draw out subtle notes in the cheese or tea that might be undetectable otherwise. Ourpairings are designed to play on your senses, be tactile and possibly unlock new flavours only possible through this wonderful combination of tea and cheese!

Sarah and Kym will guide you through 5 carefully curated fine tea and cheese pairings. You will be shown how to get the most out of the pairing as well as hearing expertise and knowledge from the cheese and tea world that make this a special culinary experience. 

We look forward to you joining us!

We will be presenting 2 different menus during our series of Tea and Cheese Pairing evenings. This may tempt you to come and try this event all over again. Tea Menu 1 will be presented on the 17th April & 9th May. Tea Menu 2 will be presented on 5th June.


Marcia's on Montague Road, 325 Montague Road, West End, Queensland 4101.

About the Hosts

Sarah from Emile & Solange and Kym from The Steepery Tea Co. have collaborated to bring you this unique and delicious Tea and Cheese Masterclass. Sarah and Kym are specialists in their respective fields and have a passion and respect for these wonderful products. They are excited to be able to launch the first Tea and Cheese Pairing evening in Brisbane.

Emile & Solange

Emile & Solange (E&S) is a boutique cheese room in Albion, Brisbane. Made for those who appreciate the mushroomy aromas of a brie or a sharp, complex blue, we specialise in hand-cut cheeses, cheese and charcuterie platters, gift hampers, and catering for any event. Owner Sarah Thuillet started E&S with generations of knowledge and a love of delicious cheeses and produce. 

The Steepery Tea Co.

The Steepery Tea Co. is an online store that has curated a selection of exceptional pure leaf teas from a variety of the world’s tea producing regions. Teas are selected that are characteristic of the terroir in which they are produced, showcase the skill of the tea maker and exhibit remarkable flavour profiles to allow you to experience the diversity of single-origin tea. Kym is passionate about creating a tea community in Brisbane and regularly hosts innovative and unique tea events and workshops.