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2019 Jasmine Dragon Pearl (Yunnan)

Mo Li Hua Long Zhu

Green Tea from China

A rounded, well-balanced green tea that has a beautiful jasmine fragrance and a sweet lingering finish.

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A rounded, well-balanced green tea that has a beautiful jasmine fragrance and a sweet lingering finish. This scented green tea is refreshing and cooling.

Our Jasmine Dragon Pearls has been traditionally shaped by hand into small “pearls” and scented with jasmine flowers. Our finished green tea and jasmine flowers are placed in direct contact and turned by hand over 12 hours. The jasmine flowers are then removed and replaced with fresh jasmine flowers. This process is repeated 6 times to ensure the scenting occurs uniformly throughout the tea. It takes 20 days to complete the scenting.

The rolling of the tea is also labour intensive to ensure the pearl shape is a size similar to the jasmine flower for effective scenting. It can take a skilled worker 2 hours to roll 1kg of pearls.

Origin: Yunnan & Huangxi, China

Flavour profile: Fresh | Floral | Sweet

Processing highlights: The scenting process requires meticulous care to preserve the flower and ensure the fragrance is transferred to the pearls.

It is critical that the ratio of tea to flowers is optimal to produce a high grade of scented teas. The delicate layering and scenting process occurs in excess of 6 times. The tea and flowers are raked approximately every 1.5 hours and the removal of yellowed Jasmine flowers that have lost their scent is performed.

Care must also be taken in handling and preparing the jasmine flowers. The flowers are placed in a temperature-controlled environment where the green bud and stem are removed and the flower buds sorted according to size.

Harvest: Spring 2019

Cultivar: Big Leaf Variety

The green tea is produced in Yunnan. This region produces rounded green tea that has a good weight and is easy to brew. The jasmine flowers are produced in Guangxi Hengxian ‘the home of jasmine’. The region produces 80% of China’s jasmine and 60% of the world market’s jasmine supply.

Elevation: 600m

Mo Li Hua Long Zhu produces a rounded infusion that has a semi-sweet jasmine and honey flavour with a subtle hint of cream. This tea leaves a velvety feeling on the palate.

Mo Li Hua Long Zhu pairs perfectly with Asian dishes such as dim sum and will also work well with spiced dishes. This tea will also work well with plain sweets that are not too rich.

This will pair well with a variety of Chinese dishes including those with a spice or with a buttery shortbread.

Leaf appearance: Small tightly wound silvery pearls

Aroma: Elegant floral aroma of jasmine with subtle sweet honey notes

Liquor colour: Clear green-yellow colour

Brewing & Storage

This tea will stand up to the addition of milk (particularly when cold e.g., bubble tea) as well as the addition of sugar or sweetener.

Store in an airtight container away from light, heat and moisture. 

Brewing Method Amount Temperature Time Infusions
Western 2 pearls / 150mL 80˚C-85˚C 1-2 min 2
Gong Fu Cha 3-4 pearls / 100mL 80˚C-85˚C First brew: 20s Subsequent: 25-50s 3-4
Cold Brew 9-10 pearls / 500mL Refrigerate Overnight (approximately 8hrs) 1