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Milan Kumari White Forest

White Tea from Nepal

We are delighted to bring a few select Nepalese teas directly from Milan Kumari’s tea factory into our online tea catalogue.

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We are delighted to bring a few select Nepalese teas directly from Milan Kumari’s tea factory into our online tea catalogue. 

Our Milan Kumari White Forest tea produces a smooth and velvety infusion. This is a beautiful white tea with a brilliant straw liquor and semi-sweet notes reminiscent of a crisp apple and honey.

Milan Kumari operates the only women led tea estate and factory in Nepal and we couldn’t be prouder to be supporting this incredible tea maker in a predominantly male dominated industry. It is important to understand that in Nepal growers are not always part of the process to finish their harvested tea. Often this raw tea material is sold at auction to be sent to a producer or wholesaler to finish so this is also a significant part of the story.

This tea has been sourced by our outstanding Nepalese supplier Jeni Dodd Tea who travels throughout the year to Nepal to meet and continue building these relationships. You can read more about Jeni in our Tealosophy.

Origin: Sakhejung village, Ilam, Nepal

Flavour profile: Semi-sweet | Apple | Honey

Processing highlights: This tea consists of young leaves and buds. After the selective plucking, the leaves are withered and dried in the sun. The tea plants are irrigated from the unpolluted runoff of the pure snow of the Himalayas.   

Harvest: October 2019

Plucking standard: downy 2-3 leaves and a bud

Tea Master: Milan Kumari sourced by Jeni Dodd Tea

Ilam has a subtropical-temperate climate in the Eastern Development region of Nepal. Considered an ideal tea-growing environment for the production of craft teas. 

Situated in Sakhejung village of Ilam district, in the eastern part of Nepal, it is one of the leading Organic Certified Specialty Tea producing factories of Nepal.  The factory processes green tea leaves from approximately 84 Organic Certified  small-hardworking tea farmers of Sakhejung, Beteni, Baghkhor and Sandakpur village of northern Ilam.

Elevation: 1,800m

Our White Forest carries a surprising strength and flavour for a white tea. There is a wonderful balance of savoury and semi-sweet notes that are clean and crisp. The tea leaves a thick and syrupy feeling in the mouth with a refreshing finish with a hint of apple.

Leaf appearance: A varicolored tea comprising leaves and bud with white downy tips and leaves with hues of light brown, green, red and dark brown.

Aroma: Aromatic semi-sweet medley of root vegetable, malt, toast and nuts.

Liquor colour: Brilliant yellow-orange

Brewing & Storage

Store in an airtight container away from light, heat and moisture. 

Brewing Method Amount Temperature Time Infusions
Western 5-6g / 250mL 100˚C 4 min 3-4
Cold Brew 8-10g / 500mL Refrigerate Overnight (approximately 8hrs) 1