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Okumidori Matcha - Ceremonial Grade

Green Tea from Japan
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A rounded and naturally sweet single cultivar ceremonial grade matcha.

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A rounded and naturally sweet single cultivar ceremonial grade matcha. Vegetal and marine notes combine for a unique crisp finish that is rich and velvety. 

When we met this producer in Shizouka last year we were immediately impressed by the use of a photovoltaic power generation system installed above the matcha tea fields. This is just one element supporting the producers sustainable and natural farming ethos.

We feel that the quality and flavour of this single cultivar matcha demonstrates Mr Yoshiaki’s desire to live with nature in good harmony keeping ecological farming practices. Mr Yoshiaki has been natural farming (free of pesticides) for 25 years, and organic farming for 6 years. We have also written an extended blog post on our matcha that will give you a deeper appreciation of this tea.

Origin: Kikugawa, Shizouka, Japan

Flavour profile: Velvety | Vegetal | Sweet

Processing highlights: Our matcha is shaded for at least 3 weeks using dual layered sun-block screens producing a deeper green leaf and umami taste.  This matcha is produced from a small number of tea gardens in Kikagawa. This non-blended matcha is produced from a single cultivar, Okumidori. Normally intended for sencha production. A later budding cultivar it has an advantage of being frost resistant and is being used to produce for gyokuro and matcha. 

Produced: April 2019

Cultivar: Okumidori

Tea Master: Hattori Yoshiaki

Kikugawa is located in the Shizouka preferecture of Japan. Shizuoka prefecture is the leading tea producing region in Japan and accounts for approximately 40% of the countries overall tea production. Shizuoka’s climate, high water quality and proximity to the major ports enhance the regions desirability for tea production.

Elevation: 200m

A crisp and bright single-cultivar matcha that is naturally sweet and perfectly balanced with vegetal and marine notes .

Matcha makes an excellent and versatile tea for pairing with food. It is delicious when combined with sweet baked items and chocolate and works equally well with savoury foods that are lightly salted, seafood and cheese.

Try with a couple of slices of single origin Peruvian milk chocolate. The creamy butterscotch flavours of the chocolate make a perfect pair with matcha. Alternatively pair with a wash rind cheese for a delicious savoury pairing.

Leaf appearance: Finely ground powder with a lustrous emerald green appearance

Aroma: Grassy and earthy notes reminiscent of a virgin forest with subtle ocean air notes.

Liquor colour: An intense and vibrant jade green liquor.

Brewing & Storage

Using a chasen (bamboo whisk), whisk the matcha in a W or M motion in the bowl until a jade froth forms.

Milk, soy, rice or almond milk can be added to make a matcha tea latte or serve over ice to make an iced matcha latte.

Brewing Method Amount Temperature
Japanese 2g (2 chasaku scoops) / 60mL  85˚C-90˚C