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Organic Asatsuyu Japanese black

Asatsuyu wakocha

Black Tea from Japan

We are excited to add to our tea collection our first organic Japanese wakocha (wa=Japan, kocha=black tea) or Organic Asatsuyu Japanese black.

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We are excited to add to our tea collection our first organic Japanese wakocha (wa=Japan, kocha=black tea) or Organic Asatsuyu Japanese black.

Our Asatsuyu wakocha produces a deliciously warming semi-sweet tea liquor with a wonderful floral fragrance. This tea is medium body with notes of wood and spice that makes it very easy to drink.

The family tea producers wilt their wakocha for an extended period and meticulously sort the finished tea to ensure that you experience a clean flavour that is smooth and sweet.

Asatsuyu is a very old cultivar typically used to produce Japan’s famous green tea sencha. This cultivar accounts for a very low proportion (around 1%) of the tea produced in Japan due to it’s low yields and susceptibility to frost damage. As a green tea it produces a beautifully sweet liquor and lovely aroma so to come across it being produced into a black tea made it one I wanted to get in for my customers to try.

Origin: Yakushima Island, Kagoshima prefecture, Japan

Flavour profile: Semi-sweet | Floral | Woodsy

Processing highlights: This Japanese black tea is allowed to wilt for an extended period before processing commences. The length of time of the wilting is dependent on the temperature and humidity of the day but is constantly checked to catch the moment before it is considered ready to process. 

The family tea garden pride themselves on the beautifully even shape of the leaves and they take great care to remove any dust or fannings and large leaves during the final sorting. This ensures a cleaner taste that is smooth and sweet.

Harvest: Spring 2018

Cultivar: Asatsuyu

Tea Master: Ocha no Fujiwaraen

Ocha no Fujiwaraen are located in the northern side of the Yakushima Island. The island itself is located in the southernmost part of Japan. It benefits from a warm geographical location and high rainfall. Located in the Kagoshima prefecture, 90% of the island is covered in forest and in 1993 approximately 21% of the island was declared a UNESCO world heritage site.

Elevation: 10-25m

Our Asatsuyu wakocha is a comforting and delicious black tea that is smooth and semi-sweet. With notes of rose, wood and spice it makes a perfect infusion for drinking at anytime of day.

This wakocha is exceptionally versatile pairing well with both sweet and savoury foods. Try this wakocha with a vegetable salad or with a pistachio meringue kiss.

Leaf appearance: Even dark brown to black broken leaf

Aroma: A warming woodsy and spice aroma that has a floral bouquet reminiscent of rose.

Liquor colour: Deep red with golden rim

Brewing & Storage

Store in an airtight container away from light, heat and moisture. 

Brewing Method Amount Temperature Time Infusions
Japanese 3-4g / 250mL 100˚C 3-4 min 2-3
Cold Brew 6-8g / 500mL Refrigerate Overnight (approximately 8hrs) 2-3