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Run Free tea bowl (Chawan)

Chicaco Smith

Teacups & Tea Bowls

This handcrafted tea bowl has been designed to prepare, serve and enjoy matcha. More ›



This handcrafted tea bowl has been designed to prepare, serve and enjoy matcha. Traditionally referred to as a chawan it is one of the important elements in the Japanese tea ceremony. We affectionately refer to these as cuddle bowls and find them a wonderful way to introduce some aspects of Japanese tea culture into your tea drinking experience. 

The chawan has been made from white raku clay. Raku stoneware is the preferred material for traditional teaware as it was developed under the patronage of Sen no Rikyu, the founder of the Japanese tea ceremony.

This is a one of kind piece that has been lovingly created by a wonderful Gold Coast ceramist, Chicaco Smith. The incredibly talented Chicaco was born in Tokyo, Japan. She spent most of her adult life in Australia with extended periods in Washington D.C. & Tonga. She enjoys pottery as it enables her to use her imagination and creative skills. Sumie (Indian ink drawing), calligraphy, watercolour painting and Japanese Tea Ceremony all form part of Chicaco's culture and interest.

With each handcrafted teaware, unique qualities are found in every piece. No two items are exactly the same and we embrace the Japanese view of Wabi Sabi – beauty in imperfection and impermanence.

We encourage you to add some Japanese tea culture to your tea experience.    

We recommend handwashing this piece to ensure it preserves it's lustrous and beautiful qualities.                                      

Origin: Handcrafted in the Gold Coast, Australia

Colour: White Raku firing with horse hair

Capacity: approximately 250ml