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Tai Ping Hou Kui

Monkey King

Green Tea from China

We couldn’t resist getting in a very small quantity of this beautiful 2018 Tai Ping Hou Kui.

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We couldn’t resist getting in a very small quantity of this beautiful 2018 Tai Ping Hou Kui. Unique and distinct in aroma, flavour and appearance this green tea embodies the craft of tea making. Harvested in Spring by hand, the bud and top two or three leaves are specially processed. Tai Ping Hou Kui is revered as one of China’s top 10 teas.    

Our Tai Ping Hou Kai is clean and cooling with a velvety mouthfeel. Refined yet complex with a tasting profile of floral notes, most notably orchid, bamboo and hints of apricot leaving a long lasting sweetness in the mouth.

Origin: Huang Shan, Anhui, China

Flavour profile: Fresh | Floral | Bamboo

Processing highlights: Tai Ping Hou Kui is hand plucked and meticulously sorted. The picking of the ‘tip’ follows an exacting criterion. Only the most robust, straight twigs and 2 or 3 leaves are selected. Shaqing (kill green) occurs at high temperature for short controlled periods. The flat appearance of the Tai Ping Hou Kui tea leaf is due to the tea leaves being pressed by hand. Our Tai Ping Hou Kui is Nie Jian (hand made) as all major processing steps are completed by hand. The shaping process involves the long tea leaves being placed on screens and the tea makers gently using a wooden roller as well as repeated complex hand moulding movements. The first baking process requires the tea to undergo a series of firing at varying temperatures (100˚C, 90˚C, 80˚C, 70˚C) and lengths of time. The second heating at around 70˚C will be repeated until the moisture content is reduced to approximately 10% before being allowed to cool. The final baking is performed on low temperature around 60˚C to impart the final fragrance and finish the tea to shelf stable quality around 5-6% moisture content.

Harvest: 11/04/2018

Cultivar: Shidaye

Tea Master: Liu Laohan

Tai Ping County is situated at the northern foothills of Mount Huang Shan (Mount Yellow) that has been identified by UNESCO as having outstanding universal value. The lingering mist and dense forest in the valley provide favourable growing conditions for tea. 

Tai Ping Hua Kui is grown on the western reaches of Huang Shan’s mountain range in three villages in the Tai Ping prefecture: Hou Keng (Monkey Pit), Hou Gan (Monkey Village), Yan Jia (Yan Family). The villages surround a lake and sit at an altitude of 700m above sea level.

A fresh and cooling liquor with a surprisingly floral bouquet aroma. Notes of toasted bamboo leaf, delicate apricot, and young vegetable flavours result in a lingering sweetness and velvety feeling in the mouth.

Tai Ping Hou Kui is such a special tea that we believe it should be enjoyed in a tall glass ‘Grandpa style’ on its own.

Leaf appearance: A consistent green color, that is even, bright and lustrous. Covered in downy white hairs that are only noticeable after the leaves have been infused.

Aroma: Elegant floral aroma

Liquor colour: Brilliant light yellow green

Brewing & Storage

Tai Ping Hou Kui is best served in a large glass teapot to showcase the leaves gracefully swaying in the water, known as the ‘Phoenix dance’.

We would suggest using a tall glass and enjoy 'Grandpa style'. Leaving the leaves in whilst you enjoy the infusion and top up the water once you have finished. 

Store in an airtight container away from light, heat and moisture.

Brewing Method Amount Temperature Time Infusions
Western 2-3g / 150mL 80˚C-85˚C 1-2 min 2-3
Gong Fu Cha 4-5g / 150mL
First brew: 35s Subsequent: 50-80s 3-4