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Tea Sampler - 3 pack

Tea Sampler

We have put together our sampler packs as a simple way for you to try a selection of our pure leaf teas.

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We have put together our sampler packs as a simple way for you to try a selection of our pure leaf teas. Our sampler packs make great gifts for the tea enthusiast in your life and they also provide an enjoyable way to make new tea discoveries.

As with our range of pure leaf teas, the sampler packs change on a regular basis. Each of our sampler pack contains 3 (15g) pouches from our existing collection of pure leaf teas. Our current sampler packs are set out below. 

2018 Spring tea

Premium 2018 Spring harvest Chinese teas. This sampler comprises 2 greens and 1 red tea. Limited quantity available.  

Tai Ping Hou Kui | Dian Hong Jin Ya | Lu An Gua Pian

Japanese green tea

The best of our newly sourced Kagoshima prefecture green teas. A great introduction to the diversity of Japanese green tea.

Organic Kuritawase Sencha | Organic Hojicha | Organic Genmaicha

Australian green tea

Try the best of Australia's green tea. 2 beautiful and complex green teas from Queensland's Arakai Estate and a Japanese style Shincha from Victoria. 

Arakai Estate 2015 Green Spring Flush | Arakai Estate 2016 Green Spring Flush | Australian Shincha

Taiwanese oolong tea

Beautiful Taiwan oolong teas for the modern day teaist. Probably our all-time favourite pack of teas make for enjoyable drinking every day.

Dong Ding | Formosa Bonita 47 | Taitung oolong

Chinese tea 

Showcasing the best of our Chinese teas. Includes a white, green and red teas.

Bai Hao Yin ZhenMo Li Hua Long Zhu | Jin Jun Mei Honey

Nepalese Tea

A wonderful way to try all of our Nepali tea collection. These region is one of the simplest teas to prepare and enjoy.

Himalyan Sunrise | Bardu Honeymoon | Nepalese Golden Tips

Single estate black tea

An excellent selection of single estate black teas from around the world. These perfect breakfast style teas hail from Sri Lanka, India and Australia.

Organic Harrington Estate OP | Assam Chota Tingrai FTGFOP | 2016 Arakai Estate Premium Black