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DōMatcha™ Organic Ceremonial Grade

Green Tea from Japan
2015 winner of the “Best Matcha” category in the Golden Leaf Awards. Matcha is a green tea traditionally used in the Japanese Tea ceremony. It appears as a lustrous emerald green fine ground powder. When prepared as usucha (thin preparation) a jad...

Light Tie Guan Yin

Iron Goddess of Mercy
Oolong Tea from China
Our Qing Xiang Tie Guan Yin from Penglai, Anxi is a light and modern representation of Anxi’s most famous oolong tea. This fresh, unroasted, green style of tie guan yin is clean with an orchid bouquet and long-lasting sweetness on the palate.  Thi...

Mi Lan Xiang

Honey Orchid Dan Cong
Oolong Tea from China
Our Mi Lan Xiang embodies a classic Phoenix oolong with it's orchid fragrance and long lasting honey finish. A deliciously rich and complex tea. Phoenix oolongs are traditional Chinese teas revered since the Ming Dynasty. The name applies to a gro...