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2021 Tong Mu Jin Jun Mei

Golden Steed Eyebrow
Black Tea from China
Produced in Tong Mu Guan from the Wuyi Cai Cha (Qizhong) cultivar this is a fine tea. As this tea mellows (ages) it produces a thick sticky liquor that is sweet and creamy with notes of dark chocolate, sugarcane and cherry. We are so very pleased ...

2021 Ya Shi Xiang "Old Bush"

Duck Poop Fragrance
Oolong Tea from China
Our Ya Shi Xiang is an aromatic and complex oolong with deep floral, almond and fruit notes. A generous tea with its candy-like fragrance and buttery mouthfeel produces a long-lasting sweet finish. Our 2021 tea has been picked from tea bushes that...

Seimei Matcha

Green Tea from Japan
A premium single cultivar matcha for ceremonial use as ‘usucha’ thin tea.Seimei is cultivated for its’ exceptional colour, umami taste and sweet aroma. Seimei is still a new variety, registered in 2017. It is a rare variety that is only grown in a...