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Arakai Estate 18/19 Spring Flush Green Special Reserve

Green Tea from Australia
Arakai Estate’s Spring Flush Green ‘special reserve’ is something very special from the Estate’s 2018/19 harvest. This green tea is semi-sweet, clean and refreshing. It has a lovely rounded mouth feel with a floral bouquet and delicate vegetable n...

Arakai Estate 2018/19 Spring Flush Black

Black Tea from Australia
Arakai Estate’s 2019/19 Spring Flush black tea is harvested from the first growth from tea bushes that have been dormant over winter. This results in a semi-sweet tea that has a comforting malt and woodsy profile and a subtle floral bouquet.  This...

Yamabuki Nadeshiko

Post fermented green tea
Dark Tea from Japan
This post-heated fermented green tea has been given the name Yamabuki Nadeshiko ‘Japanese Beauty’ by its founders. A clean, light liquor that is smooth with distinct intensity upfront followed by a rounded delicate sweetness reminiscent of raison ...