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2019 Golden Steed Eyebrow

Golden Steed Eyebrow
Black Tea from China
We are also delighted that our 2019 Golden Steed Eyebrow black tea was awarded a GOLD medal at the 2019 Royal Agricultural Society Tasmania Fine Food Awards in the black tea category. Golden Steed Eyebrow is a spectacular tea made entirely from bu...

Buddha Palm

Fo Shou
Oolong Tea from Taiwan
Our Buddha Palm is rich and textured with a high aroma reminiscent of fruit and honey. A wonderful complexity that develops in subsequent infusions into dark chocolate and brown sugar notes. When we fall in love with a style of tea we tend to beco...

Okumidori Matcha - Ceremonial Grade

Green Tea from Japan
A rounded and naturally sweet single cultivar ceremonial grade matcha. Vegetal and marine notes combine for a unique crisp finish that is rich and velvety.  When we met this producer in Shizouka last year we were immediately impressed by the use o...