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Bardu Honeymoon

Black Tea from Nepal
Plucked from wild growth this beautiful hand rolled black tippy tea has notes reminiscent of lychee and malt producing an incredibly soothing and comforting cup of tea. We last had the pleasure of enjoying this in our cup from the Spring 2018 harv...

Gift Card

Gift Packs
To please any tea lover in your life we have a selection of beautiful printable gift vouchers available for purchase. Our vouchers can be used across all items in our online store; pure leaf tea, teawares and workshops. We will email you an electr...


Green Tea from Japan
A lightly oxidised and delicately withered green tea that has a distinct floral fragrance and a semi-sweet taste reminiscent of green peas and fresh cut grass. The producer describes the aroma of Yumewakaba as “tomboyish” perhaps interpreted as “h...