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Buddha's Hand

Fo Shou
Oolong Tea from China
Our Buddha’s Hand (also known as Fo Shou or Xiang Yuan) is highly aromatic with floral, pear and stone fruit flavours and delicate toast and mineral notes. The mouthfeel is smooth and creamy leaving a long-lasting sweetness reminiscent of brown su...

Jin Jun Mei Honey

Golden Steed Eyebrow
Black Tea from China
Jin Jun Mei is a spectacular tea made entirely from buds resulting in a distinct golden appearance when finished. Our Jin Jun Mei is full-bodied and rich with delicate toast and malt qualities. This tea has an accentuated honey-like aroma. Jin Jun...

Old Barrel Tea Co. Batch No. 001 Jin Xuan

Old Barrel Tea Co.
Oolong Tea from Taiwan
Old Barrel Tea Co. is pleased to release Batch No. 001 Jin Xuan to the market. This is the first project from Old Barrel Tea Co. comprised of Australian tea specialists Cheryl Teo (Flag & Spear), Tania Stacey (Cuppa Cha) and Kym Cooper (The St...