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Tea education programme

Our Brisbane (Australia) based Tea Education Programme offers a series of tea classes and workshops across a range of topics to provide you with a solid base of tea knowledge. Each workshop aims to build and support your passion for tea by providing an in-depth exploration of the tea topic as well as developing practical skills to continue your tea learning. Anyone with an interest in tea will find these workshops interesting and beneficial allowing you to confidently take your tea appreciation to the next level.


Tea School with The Steepery Tea Co. 

Our non-accredited tea instruction is brought to you by tea practitioners and specialists that live and breathe tea every day. We strive to share the most current tea research and also give you insights into where the tea industry is heading. The Steepery Tea Co’s founder and tea specialist, Kym Cooper, will deliver the majority of the tea instruction. But we are excited to partner with some of Australia’s most well-respected industry professionals on certain specialist topics.

As with everything we do at The Steepery Tea Co. all of our focus is around pure leaf tea. Whilst we appreciate that the world of tea has many facets our main goal is to deliver accurate and high-quality educational material on true teas that allow you to understand and appreciate terms such as provenance, master craftsmanship, brewing parameters and tea service excellence.

All workshops, with the exception of the Tea Taster and Culinary Tea series centre around professional tea cupping. Professional tea cupping is used in the industry to assess and evaluate tea. We believe the discipline of tea cupping is important for tea enthusiasts wanting to go beyond preparing and enjoying tea and we focus on giving you the skills to start cataloging and recording information about the teas you encounter early in your own tea practice. For our Tea Taster and Culinary Tea series, we will offer tea tastings to allow you to experience, appreciate and enjoy the best qualities of the different types and styles of tea. 

Whilst each workshop will be held in a Brisbane location, the method of delivery may be in-person or a combination of in-person and remote (video conferencing) instruction dependant on the topic. A minimum of 6 people is required for our Tea Foundation and Intensive Tea series to run. We cap the number to 6 to ensure you have the opportunity to truly benefit from these small group workshops. 

Workshops and pricing

We believe that attaining tea knowledge should be affordable so we provide flexibility to you to take part in as few or as many workshops that suits your needs. Whilst we provide a clear pathway to gain comprehensive tea knowledge by working through our Tea Foundations series on to our Intensive Tea series topics no prerequisites are needed to commence with advanced or specialist topics. This is because we believe everyone is at different places within their tea journeys and you are in the best place to assess this. 

Our Tea  Education Programme is designed to be inclusive and offer something for everyone. Whilst some of our workshops are more geared towards those stepping up their tea game and looking for a really in-depth understanding of the world of tea we have a number of our workshops designed as an introduction, to give you a flavour of the diversity of pure leaf tea. These are known as the “Tea Taster” series. We also want to explore and demonstrate the true diversity of tea as an ingredient and through our "Culinary Tea" series we introducing flavour theory, experiment with tea & food pairings and incorporate tea into food.  

Below you will see details of previous tea education workshops. The Tea Foundations series and Tea Intensive series will be scheduled from time to time but are mainly run on demand. Please contact us directly if you are interested as we maintain a list of interested participants and try to be flexible in our approach as to when these are scheduled. More detailed information and tickets can be found by following the links below.

Tea Taster (TT) series

Culinary Tea (CT) series

Tea Foundations (TF) series

Tea Essentials: an introductory tasting journey


Tea & Cheese pairing

Tea Foundations 1 - 4

presented by Kym Cooper of The Steepery Tea Co.


For a detailed description of this series please refer to our course outline here.

Saturday 11 June 2022 - Workshop 1: 1pm-4:30pm (TF.1 & TF.2)

Tickets $200

Saturday 18 June 2022 - Workshop 2: 1pm-4:30pm (TF.3 & TF.4)  

Tickets $200

Tea Essentials: tea brewing skills


Tea & Chocolate pairing

Tea Foundations 5 - Tea Practice

presented by Kym Cooper of The Steepery Tea Co.


For a detailed description of this series please refer to our course outline here.


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