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The Steepery Tea Co. has curated a selection of exceptional loose-leaf teas from the world’s leading tea producing regions. We have chosen teas that are characteristic of the ecosystem in which they are produced and exhibit remarkable flavour and aromas.

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2019 Kuritawase Sencha

Green Tea from Japan
We are so pleased to have secured a limited quantity of this beautiful 2019 spring harvested organic kuritawase sencha for the Australian market. This beautiful shincha is fragrant with notes of freshly cut grass and a unique floral bouquet. Whils...

Arakai Estate 18/19 Spring Flush Green

Green Tea from Australia
Arakai Estate’s 2018/19 Spring Flush Green tea is harvested from the first growth from tea bushes that have been dormant over winter. This year’s harvest was delightful with a wonderful complexity within the tea liquor.  A well balanced that has d...

Arakai Estate 18/19 Spring Flush Green Special Reserve

Green Tea from Australia
Arakai Estate’s Spring Flush Green ‘special reserve’ is something very special from the Estate’s 2018/19 harvest. This green tea is semi-sweet, clean and refreshing. It has a lovely rounded mouth feel with a floral bouquet and delicate vegetable n...

Arakai Estate 2016 Premium Black

Black Tea from Australia
We are delighted to have in stock Arakai Estate’s Premium Black tea. Arakai Estate teas are well-known for their exceptional teas having won international awards for some of their Spring Flush teas Harvested and blended from late Spring, Summer an...

Arakai Estate 2018/19 Premium Black

Black Tea from Australia
Arakai Estate’s premium black tea is a firm favourite in our tea collection. We have previously stocked the 2016/17 blended harvest and feel that the 2018/19 tea is an equally delightful lot. Harvested and blended from late Spring, Summer and Autu...

Australian Shincha

Green Tea from Australia
Our Japanese-style Shincha is grown and processed by Australian tea makers. The Victorian terroir produces a clean green tea that is milder in flavour and strength than a Japanese grown shincha. Grown and processed from the delicate first spring s...

Bai Mu Dan

White Peony
White Tea from China
This is a wonderful Bai Mu Dan that has been produced from leaves harvested pre-Qingming. Leaves picked on or before this time are highly regarded for their youth and produce rich tea liquor. Our Bai Mu Dan produces a fresh and clean infusion. The...

Bai Rui Xiang

Oolong Tea from China
Our Bai Rui Xiang is highly aromatic with a rich body. This lighter ‘cliff’ tea has a flavour reminiscent of red berries and grape skin. This is balanced against floral, vanilla and mineral notes that leaves a velvety feeling on the palate and a p...

Bardu Honeymoon

Black Tea from Nepal
Plucked from wild growth this beautiful hand rolled black tippy tea has notes reminiscent of cherry and malt producing an incredibly soothing and comforting cup of tea. Whilst we think this tea is a beautiful representation of a Nepali black tea i...

Buddha's Hand

Fo Shou
Oolong Tea from China
Our Buddha’s Hand (also known as Fo Shou or Xiang Yuan) is highly aromatic with floral, pear and stone fruit flavours and delicate toast and mineral notes. The mouthfeel is smooth and creamy leaving a long-lasting sweetness reminiscent of brown su...

Chota Tingrai FTGFOP

Black Tea from India
A long-leaf Assam tea from the Chota Tingrai Estate that has an abundance of golden tips creating a malty cup that is velvety and robust with a hint of astringency. Origin: Tinsukia district, Upper Assam, India Flavour profile: Full-bodied | Malt ...

Dong Ding

Tung Ting
Oolong Tea from Taiwan
Our Dong Ding is full-bodied with nutty and toasty notes and a sweet aroma reminiscent of roasted cereal grains. This tea produces a creamy and rich mouthfeel with a lovely caramel and brown sugar finish. This year we have selected a high baked op...