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The Steepery Tea Co. has curated a selection of exceptional loose-leaf teas from the world’s leading tea producing regions. We have chosen teas that are characteristic of the ecosystem in which they are produced and exhibit remarkable flavour and aromas.

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2020/21 Arakai Estate Spring Flush Black

Black Tea from Australia
Arakai Estate’s 2020/21 Spring Flush black tea is harvested from the first growth from tea bushes that have been dormant over winter. This results in a semi-sweet tea that has a comforting malt and woodsy profile and a subtle floral bouquet.  This...

2022-23 Arakai Estate Premium Black

Black Tea from Australia
Arakai Estate’s premium black tea is a firm favourite amongst our customers. We have been delighted by the 2022-23 harvest that exhibits great texture and weight. Processed from the second picking of the 2022-23 harvest. This results in a semi-swe...

2022-23 Arakai Estate Premium Green

Green Tea from Australia
Arakai Estate 2022/23 Premium Green is one of those teas you could drink and enjoy throughout the day. It is a rich, semi-sweet tea that is smooth on the palate. It has a distinct butteriness making for a soothing and delicious brew. Arakai Estat...

Australian Shincha

Green Tea from Australia
Our Japanese-style Shincha is grown and processed by Australian tea makers. The Victorian terroir produces a clean green tea that is milder in flavour and strength than a Japanese grown shincha. Grown and processed from the delicate first spring s...