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About Us

The Steepery Tea Co. has curated a selection of exceptional pure leaf teas1 from the world’s leading tea producing regions that are available for retail and wholesale.

We identify those teas that are characteristic of the terroir2 in which they are produced, showcase the skill of the tea maker and exhibit remarkable flavour profiles to allow you to experience the diversity of single-origin tea.

We are committed to engaging with tea lovers and promoting tea appreciation within our local Brisbane community by offering tea education, tea events and workshops.

To enrich your tea experience we share a range of selected teawares that are beautiful and functional, crafted to promote global tea culture and authentic tea preparation. We maintain a small collection of handcrafted teaware produced by local ceramists and support their role in shaping the modern expression of Australian tea culture. 


“At the centre of all that we do is a deep respect for the tea and the skilled hands that have created its best form. We hope that we can inspire you to embark on your own personal tea drinking journey with us"


1 we define pure leaf tea as that produced from a specific variety or cultivar of the Camelia Sinensis tea plant

2 Terroir refers to elements within the natural environment and include latitude, water, weather systems, soil, cultivar, horticultural practices, topography, altitude, micro-climate and insects




The face behind the brand

Hello! Thanks for visiting The Steepery Tea Co’s online store.

I fondly recall making my Mum and Dad tea. In our house, the kettle was always the first thing to go on in the morning, when you walked in the door or when a visitor came around. It was not a grand affair, but a ritual all the same, one that evokes warm and happy memories.

I am fortunate to have travelled extensively and have called both the UK and Australia home. During these travels, I immersed myself in global tea culture visiting tea houses, tea stores, tea masters and tea estates whenever the opportunity presented.

It is these experiences and being passionate about the world of tea that led to the creation of The Steepery Tea Co. My aim is to share enjoyable and enriching tea drinking experiences that draw upon some of the most interesting elements of global tea culture.

I am a Certified Tea Master yet in my own eyes I will always be a tea apprentice as it is impossible to master all of teas intricacies. I hope you enjoy looking around my store and please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or feedback on the teas and teawares you find.

Warmest regards
Kym Cooper
The Steepery Tea Co.