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Green Tea

Green tea has the longest history of the tea families resulting in an incredibly diverse range of cultivars, processing styles, flavours and aromas. The diversity spans across the green tea producing regions from Japanese matcha, savoury Korean Joonjak and refreshing Chinese An Ji Bai Cha.  Known for fresh and clean flavour, green tea produces distinct vegetal and grassy notes. Research suggests that green tea is one of the healthiest beverages and contains an abundance of antioxidants, such as catechins and polyphenols. These antioxidants can strengthen the immune system and protect the body against cell damage.     

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Arakai Estate 18/19 Spring Flush Green Special Reserve

Green Tea from Australia
Arakai Estate’s Spring Flush Green ‘special reserve’ is something very special from the Estate’s 2018/19 harvest. This green tea is semi-sweet, clean and refreshing. It has a lovely rounded mouth feel with a floral bouquet and delicate vegetable n...

Australian Shincha

Green Tea from Australia
Our Japanese-style Shincha is grown and processed by Australian tea makers. The Victorian terroir produces a clean green tea that is milder in flavour and strength than a Japanese grown shincha. Grown and processed from the delicate first spring s...

DōMatcha™ Organic Ceremonial Grade

Green Tea from Japan
2015 winner of the “Best Matcha” category in the Golden Leaf Awards. Matcha is a green tea traditionally used in the Japanese Tea ceremony. It appears as a lustrous emerald green fine ground powder. When prepared as usucha (thin preparation) a jad...

Lu An Gua Pian

Sunflower Seed
Green Tea from China
Lu An Gua Pian is unique as it is made from single leaves, without any buds or stalks, that undergo a distinct firing process that is key in shaping the flat oval leaves that are said to resemble sunflower or melon seeds. This green tea is complex...

Mo Li Hua Long Zhu

Jasmine Dragon Pearls
Green Tea from China
A rounded, well-balanced green tea that has a beautiful jasmine fragrance and a sweet lingering finish. This scented green tea is refreshing and cooling. Our Mo Li Hua Long Zhu has been traditionally shaped by hand into small “pearls” and scented ...

Organic Genmaicha

Popcorn Tea
Green Tea from Japan
This Genmaicha is an aromatic combination of organic first flush sencha from Yakushima, with the nutty aroma of roasted kernels of organic brown rice from Kumamoto prefecture. This deliciously savoury tea is comforting and soothing that can be con...

Organic Hojicha

Roasted Green Tea
Green Tea from Japan
Our Hojicha is rich and rounded with a sweet biscuity aroma reminiscent of roasted nuts and toast. Produced using first flush sencha that is slow roasted over low heat to preserve the amino acids and retain the umami flavours. Hojicha was invented...

Organic Kuritawase Sencha

Green Tea from Japan
We feel privileged to have secured a limited quantity of this beautiful 2018 spring harvested kuritawase sencha for the Australian market. This beautiful sencha is fragrant with notes of freshly cut grass and a unique floral bouquet. Whilst refine...