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Oolong Tea

Oolong teas are primarily produced in China and Taiwan. They include a broad spectrum of teas that undergo a level of oxidation desired by the Tea Master. Lightly oxidised oolong teas tend to have sweet floral aromas and resemble green teas. More heavily oxidised teas tend more to black teas and exhibit woody and fruity notes.

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Da Hong Pao

Big Red Robe
Oolong Tea from China
Da Hong Pao is the most famous Yan Cha (“cliff and boulder” tea) of the Wuyi Shan region. This rich tea is produced by hand and exhibits the earthy, fruit and floral aroma and flavour that are unique to this region. This classic tea is known as “t...

Dong Fang Mei Ran

Oriental Beauty
Oolong Tea from Taiwan
A traditional artisan tea and one of Taiwan’s most famous oolongs. Dong Fang Mei Ran literally means white tip. Its unique flavour and appearance are a result of a tiny green leaf hopper that feeds on the leaves, stems and buds prior to them being...

Gui Fei Cha

Precious Concubine
Oolong Tea from Taiwan
A recent and unique Taiwanese tea whose flavour and appearance is a result of a tiny green leaf hopper that feeds on the leaves, stems and buds prior to them being plucked. Gui Fei Cha is highly oxidised and undergoes roasting to finish the tea. G...

Jin Xuan

Golden Lily
Oolong Tea from Taiwan
Jin Xuan has concentrated aromas of milk, butter and caramel resembling sweetened condensed milk. This tea is delicately sweet with lingering floral flavours on the palate. Our Jin Xuan is not artificially scented with the intense aroma and unique...

Light Tie Guan Yin

Iron Goddess of Mercy
Oolong Tea from China
Our Qing Xiang Tie Guan Yin from Penglai, Anxi is a light and modern representation of Anxi’s most famous oolong tea. This fresh, unroasted, green style of tie guan yin is clean with an orchid bouquet and long-lasting sweetness on the palate.  Thi...

Mao Xie

Hairy Crab
Oolong Tea from China
Our Mao Xie is a green-style oolong that is semi-sweet and brews a highly aromatic and refreshing infusion. Our Mao Xie has undergone a light roasting with oxidation of between 30-40%. Mao Xie is grown and produced in Anxi county and is similar i...

Mi Lan Dan Cong

Phoenix Oolong
Oolong Tea from China
This tea undergoes an extensive charcoal roasting after it is processed and dried to produce a rich liquor with lychee and honey flavours.  Mi Lan translates to ‘Honey Orchid’ reflecting the flavour of the tea bush from which the tea is harvested....

Mi Lan Xiang

Honey Orchid Dan Cong
Oolong Tea from China
Our Mi Lan Xiang embodies a classic Phoenix oolong with it's orchid fragrance and long lasting honey finish. A deliciously rich and complex tea. Phoenix oolongs are traditional Chinese teas revered since the Ming Dynasty. The name applies to a gro...

Shui Jin Gui

Golden Water Turtle
Oolong Tea from China
One of the four most famous Yan Cha (“cliff and boulder” teas) of the Wuyi Shan region. This complex tea has distinct fruity and floral notes with hints of cacao and toast. Oolong teas from the Wuyi mountains are also known as “cliff and boulder” ...

Tie Guan Yin

Iron Goddess of Mercy
Oolong Tea from China
The most famous Chinese oolong tea that is lightly oxidised to produce the fresh and flowery characteristics of Tie Guan Yin. Tie Guan Yin is time-consuming to produce. The expertise of the tea master ensures the complex processing and rolling ste...

Wen Shan Bao Zhong

Wen Shan Pouchong
Oolong Tea from Taiwan
A rare handcrafted oolong that is a signature tea of Taiwan. This lightly oxidised tea creates a nice balance between the freshness of the green tea and the floral tones found in darker oolongs. Its name in Chinese translates to "the wrapped kind"...