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The Steepery Tea Co. has curated a selection of exceptional loose-leaf teas from the world’s leading tea producing regions. We have chosen teas that are characteristic of the ecosystem in which they are produced and exhibit remarkable flavour and aromas.

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2021 Kahori Wakocha

Kahori 2nd Wakocha
Black Tea from Japan
Excited to be bringing you another style of Japanese wakocha (wa=Japan, kocha=black tea) from our tea grower, Etsuro Masui. Unique to Kahori 2nd, the tea leaves are intentionally bitten by a planthopper. Kahori 2nd Wakocha is a second harvest tea...

Asatsuyu Sencha

Green Tea from Japan
This delightful sencha is a refreshing and well-balanced spring harvested green tea. With a textured liquor that is rich and full-bodied, with umami-sweetness and nice late bitterness. Our tea comes from the Hachimanju tea garden. At times there i...

Hojicha Powder

Green Tea from Japan
Our Hojicha Powder is made from finely ground roasted green tea grown straight from the tea farm of the Watanabe family.  Our Hojicha is rich and rounded with a sweet biscuity aroma reminiscent of roasted nuts and toast. Hojicha Powder provides a ...

Mirai Wakocha

Asatsuyu wakocha
Black Tea from Japan
Mirai Wakocha is a first flush black tea. It has a delightful rose fragrance with a clean and fresh liquor. This semi-sweet medium-bodied tea has notes of cherries and spice. We are excited to expand our tea collection to include a Japanese wako...

Organic Genmaicha

Popcorn Tea
Green Tea from Japan
This Genmaicha is an aromatic combination of organic first flush sencha from Yakushima, with the nutty aroma of roasted kernels of organic brown rice from Kumamoto prefecture. This deliciously savoury tea is comforting and soothing that can be con...

Organic Hojicha

Roasted Green Tea
Green Tea from Japan
Our Hojicha is rich and rounded with a sweet biscuity aroma reminiscent of roasted nuts and toast. Produced using first flush sencha that is slow roasted over low heat to preserve the amino acids and retain the umami flavours. Hojicha was invented...

Yamabuki Nadeshiko

Post fermented green tea
Dark Tea from Japan
This post-heated fermented green tea has been given the name Yamabuki Nadeshiko ‘Japanese Beauty’ by its founders. A clean, light liquor that is smooth with distinct intensity upfront followed by a rounded delicate sweetness reminiscent of raison ...


Green Tea from Japan
A lightly oxidised and delicately withered green tea that has a distinct floral fragrance and a semi-sweet taste reminiscent of green peas and fresh cut grass. The producer describes the aroma of Yumewakaba as “tomboyish” perhaps interpreted as “h...