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What's in the tea leaves for The Steepery Tea Co. in 2023 🐰

By Kym Cooper. Posted
What's in the tea leaves for The Steepery Tea Co. in 2023 🐰

Happy New Year!

I have been using the festive break to really think about how I can continue to provide value and serve this amazing tea community that has been building through The Steepery Tea Co.

Your curiosity and interest in pure leaf tea continues to grow and it really energises me. I loved seeing your faces at the @brisbaneteafestival - it was an absolute delight. Thanks for stopping by, saying hello, buying from me, asking questions, introducing yourself to me after so many online interactions and just showing up and supporting my efforts to grow tea in Brisbane. It was certainly a busy day and I hope if you were patiently waiting to speak with me we were able to chat. 

You would have noted I have been quieter over the past couple of years and a little inconsistent. What some may know and those new may not ~ I am in the process of building a tea brand over @eastforged with a fellow tea specialist, Tania Stacey, from @cuppachahq. I see this as such a major opportunity for tea in the future that I have chosen to make it my almost my sole focus. This will not change in 2023 as there is still a lot to do to make the ready-to-drink cold tea market an area where people finally sit up and pay attention as to how good tea can be! 

So I thought I would share my goals for The Steepery Tea Co for 2023. Whilst a small but focussed list I hope this assures you I have not forgotten about you, the tea drinker that has allowed The Steepery Tea Co. to share some space in your cup. So here's my plans for this year...

  1. more great tea from my tea growers and producers
  2. a tea & cheese pairing experience for those Brisbane tea friends (Whoop! Whoop!)
  3. tea musings via Medium (@kymcooper)
  4. continuing to work behind the scenes with my network of wholesale cafes and restaurants serving up The Steepery Tea Co. teas everyday. Please find them and visit them here

So whilst you won't see promises of regular blogging, social media posts, tea festivals, newsletters or tea education I want you to know I am still here. My aim is to delight you this year, not over promise and under deliver trying to do all the things. 

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