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2019 Brisbane BrewIN 🍃 Creating the momentum for pure leaf tea

By Kym Cooper. Posted
The Steepery Tea Co. - 2019 Brisbane BrewIN

Mark it in your diaries...the Brisbane BrewIN 🍃 will be taking place on June 22 from 9am-2pm at Wandering Cooks. The BrewIN is designed to offer those new and emerging Teaists an opportunity to connect on a deeper level with pure leaf tea. After a successful trial last year, the BrewIN returns, with the mission to enrich the local tea community with an elevated and engaged tea experience. Our highly curated list of tea specialists and practitioners taking part will allow you to experience many aspects the world of tea has to offer all under one roof. 

If you have been supporting or following my tea journey you would know that my heart and passion lies with 'pure leaf tea'. This year my singular focus has been on advocacy of real tea and this persuaded me to take the Brisbane BrewIN back to its origins. Creating a meaningful event that respects tea and provide attendees a much deeper connection to the leaf.

Expect to participate in intimate, shared and guided tea tastings. It is rare to have opportunities to talk directly to tea specialists about the tea you are drinking, the stories of the growers and producers, how it is best brewed, the regions and microclimates, the flavours and aromas experienced in the cup and the rich unexpected conversation that comes from sharing tea at the tea table. We will also have a selection of tea workshops that will allow you to become more familiar with those tea topics you would love to learn more about. 

This year I am fortunate to have an incredible organising committee that is made up of some of the most passionate women in tea. We all approach tea in different ways yet we share a common belief and respect and a desire to grow the local tea community. This wonderful group comprises Bo Wong, Bhamini Lenehan, Krystyna Siposova Martinez and Misato Furumiya. Who knows we may even be able to replicate the events success in other locations in this South East corner? That would be my dream 💭

So now it is over to you to help make the 2019 Brisbane BrewIN successful. Follow our Facebook page to hear more about the lineup of tea specialists involved in this years event and book your tickets via Eventbrite

2019 Brisbane BrewIN

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