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A collection of new Taiwanese oolongs has landed

By Kym Cooper. Posted
Kym Cooper in Jiufen Tea House

Taiwan has a special place in my heart. Not only do they produce exceptional pure leaf tea; I was born there. For those who don't know I am adopted. I consider myself an Aussie raised with western traditions and it hasn't been until later in my life that I became curious about my heritage and culture. I feel I came into tea on purpose and tea is a culture bridge linking the two pieces of who I am and why I am. Thanks to So Han Fan for putting this concept into words in an article 'Tea is a Culture Bridge' that appeared on T-Ching in 2017. 

Whilst I have been dabbling in bringing you exceptional Taiwanese teas since we started I never made it an intention. This time it was different. I feel it is also a pivotal point for The Steepery Tea Co as we hone in on our focus to showcase certain pure leaf teas from around the world. 

We wanted to hero Taiwan tea: the cultivars, the tea masters (makers), its versatility, flavour profiles and this concept of respecting traditions but not being afraid to further develop & experiment to continue to make tea culture relevant in these times.

We also are 100% committed to only bringing you genuine and legitimate teas, made and produced by quality Taiwanese tea makers. This last part has only been made possible from formalising my supplier relationship with Tania Stacey of Cuppa Cha. 

Here are our current Taiwanese teas, we know you will love them.

  • A Taiwanese classic Dong Ding. This is the tea that made me fall in love with Taiwan tea. We are currently running a high fire baked style that makes this tea luscious and buttery.
  • A traditional Wen Shan Bao Zhong. Lightly oxidised and masterfully finished to create a beautiful balance of a fresh green style oolong and high floral fragrance. Silver medal awarded at the Royal Agricultural Society Tasmania Fine Food Awards 2019.
  • Formosa Bonita 47. Selected for the focus on processing certain cultivars into the same style of tea. Its delicious flavour profile makes Taiwanese approachable for everyone.
  • Formosa Bonita 74. A beautiful tea so perfect for any time of day when a treat is in order. Grown at high altitude with notes of ripened stone fruit and a floral bouquet. 
  • A very recent addition to Taiwan tea, Taitung Oolong. Developed to provide the growers in the region a unique tea product. It makes a sensational cold infused tea. Silver medal awarded at the Royal Agricultural Society Tasmania Fine Food Awards 2019.   
  • Budda's Palm or "Fo Shou". A Taiwanese Fo Shou that has been traditionally charcoal roasted. Rich and textured with a high aroma reminiscent of fruit and honey.

We haven't even mentioned the incredible skill and craft that goes into making these oolongs. But if you are interested in seeing this in action we highly recommend tuning into Cuppa Cha's Youtube channel to see it first hand! 

The contents of this article was updated 26.01.2020.

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