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Hello and welcome to The Steepery Tea Co’s blog Tealosophy. Exploring, learning and musing the world of tea whilst appreciating many steeps along the way.

Tea preparation styles: Gong Fu Cha - starting with the tea sink

By Kym Cooper. Posted

Now that we have had a chance to introduce some simple brewing techniques we wanted to share some other tea preparation styles. We know that as we move away from familiar tea brewing methods your eyes might start glazing over. However, if you are already a tea enthusiast and want to get more from your tea experiences it might be time to experiment with Gong Fu Cha. This is my preferred method of tea brewing.  Gong Fu Cha loosely translates to “preparing tea with effort”. Whilst you may have visions of an elaborate and sophisticated tea spectacle Gong Fu Cha can be...

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