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From small ideas great things can grow...drumroll 🥁...East Forged Pty Ltd

By Kym Cooper. Posted
Tania & Kym - East Forged Pty Ltd

There is no doubt that East Forged has been the largest endeavour I have put myself to task since founding The Steepery Tea Co. (or even completing my Chartered Accountant certification). And in terms of ambition and timeline, East Forged Pty Ltd should outgrow my little micro business in the not so distant future (fingers crossed 🤞🏼). 

These types of projects are not tackled alone and to be honest the journey has been made so much more enjoyable because it has been shared with my partner in crime, Tania Stacey. Tania and I first connected over our mutual passion for pure leaf tea at both a personal and industry level. 

East Forged Pty Ltd

So in keeping this post short and sweet here's more about East Forged Pty Ltd.

We are working very hard to finalise our first product range of Nitro Tea. Staying true to our passion for pure leaf tea these will be tea based, accentuated with exotic fruits and played around with texturally to complete the beverage. No shortcuts will be taken to achieve this result and we are staying clear of additional sugars and flavourings.

Our independent endeavours through Cuppa Cha and The Steepery Tea Co. will carry on in earnest as we are firmly committed to the advancement of pure leaf tea. We see East Forged as an additional arm to help strengthen this mission.

This partnership has come about as we both feel the advancement of tea throughout the world can only be achieved through strategic partnerships. It is our hope that we can demonstrate this through East Forged by bringing the right people in the tea community together to create, build and scale a bigger and more elevated platform for tea.

And now this is where YOU come in 😊 We really need your active support to help us build East Forged. In these early days if you can sign-up to our East Forged newsletter and follow our social channels on Facebook and Instagram (@eastforged) that would be infinitely appreciated 🙏. And we really hope that you enjoy seeing the brand and the story unfold! 

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