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Infusers & Tea Accessories

Our range of infusers and tea accessories provide simple tools to prepare and serve the perfect cup of tea.

Chasaku - Matcha Bamboo Scoop

Infusers & Tea Accessories
A traditional bamboo scoop designed to accurately serve 1g of matcha tea per serving. The chasaku has been used in the Japanese Tea Ceremony for centuries. Colour: Natural Material: Bamboo Capacity: 1 scoop = 1g of matcha


Chasen - Matcha Bamboo Whisk

Infusers & Tea Accessories
Traditionally used in the Japanese Tea ceremony and designed specifically for matcha preparation, our Chasen has been crafted from a single piece of natural bamboo. The shape of the chasen and the delicate bristles allows the matcha to be whisked ...


Chasen-tate - Matcha Whisk Stand

Infusers & Tea Accessories
A chasen-tate is ceramic hollow stand designed to extend the life of your chasen (matcha whisk). The stand ensures the shape of the whisk is retained between uses and also protects the prongs from being damaged. Image coming shortly. Colour: Blue ...


Double Mesh Tea Strainer

Infusers & Tea Accessories
Our double mesh tea strainer is perfect for decanting blended teas, such as chai, and tisanes. This stainless steel strainer could also be used for simple steeping of your tea leaves directly into a mug.  Origin: China Material: Stainless Steel Si...


Finum brewing basket

Infusers & Tea Accessories
The Finum brewing basket is perfect for infusing our fine loose-leaf teas simply in a cup. The brewing basket is wide and deep to create aromatic and flavourful brews. This brewing basket has the benefit of a lid that can keep your tea warm for lo...