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We would love to see a flourishing community of excited and passionate pure leaf tea enthusiasts growing across Australia. Whether you are just getting started in tea, are a seasoned tea enthusiast or work in the food & beverage industry, the journey to learning about tea is on-going. We encourage people to read and research widely and pursue many avenues and sources when building your understanding of tea.

We are big believers that by creating an opportunity to bring a group of tea enthusiasts together, the very act of drinking and sharing in tea can help foster a community that continues to grow their passion and interests in tea. 

For those that are looking for a guided approach to their tea learning or to gain more practical skills, we are pleased to offer a range of workshops as part of our Tea School. Our aim here is to make pure leaf tea approachable and enjoyable for the Brisbane community by providing interesting and tailored workshops that are affordable and flexible in terms of participation. Please read more about The Steepery Tea Co's Tea School here.     

The Steepery Tea Co. - Tea education and workshops

Another really enjoyable way to learn more is to take the plunge and join a tea group or meetup to share this journey with like-minded tea friends. We organise one here locally in Brisbane (Australia) called The Brisbane Tea Meetup

For those that want to learn more about tea right away, we have developed some simple guides and reference materials providing information about our pure leaf teas, how to brew tea and tips to improve your tea practice in our blog, Tealosophy. These are available to everyone and can be found in this section of our online store. 

We hope we can inspire you to unravel this magical little box that is pure leaf tea!