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2023 Golden Steed Eyebrow

Golden Steed Eyebrow

Black Tea from China

Golden Steed Eyebrow is a spectacular tea made entirely from buds resulting in a distinct golden appearance when finished.

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Golden Steed Eyebrow is a spectacular tea made entirely from buds resulting in a distinct golden appearance when finished. Our Golden Steed Eyebrow is sweet, full-bodied and rich. This tea has an accentuated honey-like aroma.

Golden Steed Eyebrow also known as ‘Jin Jun Mei’ is a relative ‘newcomer’ to the red teas of China and was developed in 2005 in Tong Mu Gan. Whilst our Golden Steed Eyebrow has not been produced in Tong Mu Gan it is a wonderful representation of this style of tea. We love examples of innovation in tea making as they continue to make tea relevant and suited to our contemporary taste preferences. 

Our 2019 Golden Steed Eyebrow black tea was awarded a GOLD medal at the 2019 Royal Agricultural Society Tasmania Fine Food Awards in the black tea category.

Origin: Mount Huanggang, Fujian province, China

Flavour profile: Sweet | Full-bodied | Honey

Processing highlights: Jin Jun Mei is harvested from the finest young spring buds resulting in the large number of golden tips. This year’s harvest involved superior and consistent picking creating a delicious aromatic infusion. Our Jin Jun Mei is oxidised by placing the buds in a basket with a wet cloth placed over the top. The baskets are placed in a warm room and slowly oxidised over a period of 8-10 hours. The tea is subjected to a light baking to dry and finish the tea.

Harvest: 28.3.2023 

Cultivar: Fuyun 6

Plucking standard: Bud only

Tea Master: Ms Chen

Mount Huanggang is located in the famous Wuyi Mountains and is the highest peak in the region. It separates the Fujian and Jiangxi provinces. Teas from the Wuyi Mountains enjoy superior and unique growing conditions.

Elevation: 1,600m

Jin Jun Mei produces a smooth and comforting liquor that has long-lasting sweet finish. The toast, pine and nut notes are well balanced against the honey aroma. This current season black tea will mellow as it ages.

Golden Steed Eyebrow pairs well with savoury dishes, particularly those containing red meats. This tea also makes an excellent recommendation as a paired tea during the dessert course.

Leaf appearance: Small slender wiry golden buds that resembles the shape of eyebrows.

Aroma: A well-balanced sweet honey-like aroma with toast and nut notes

Liquor colour: Brilliant red-amber

Brewing & Storage

Store in an airtight container away from light, heat and moisture. 

Brewing Method Amount Temperature Time Infusions
Western 2-3g / 150mL 95˚C-100˚C 1.5-2 mins 2-3
Gong Fu Cha 4-6g / 100mL 95˚C-100˚C First brew: 20s Subsequent: 25-50s 4+
Cold Brew 6g / 500mL Refrigerate Overnight (approximately 8hrs) 1