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Australian Shincha

Green Tea from Australia

Our Japanese-style Shincha is grown and processed by Australian tea makers.

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Our Japanese-style Shincha is grown and processed by Australian tea makers. The Victorian terroir produces a clean green tea that is milder in flavour and strength than a Japanese grown shincha.

Grown and processed from the delicate first spring shoots. The Victorian terroir produces a clean tea that is aromatic and rounded with balanced savoury notes.

Originally produced exclusively for the Japanese market this Australian grown tea is now available locally. This tea makes a great introduction for new and seasoned green tea enthusiasts alike. 

Origin: Victoria, Australia

Flavour profile: Rounded | Freshly Cut Grass | Butter beans

Processing: Processed using traditional Japanese sencha methods at the Ito En factory at Wangaratta by Australian tea makers.

Production: October 2021

Grown in the alpine region in north-east Victoria. The soil, climate and general terroir of this region is considered perfect growing conditions for the Japanese tea cultivars.

In the early 1990’s Japanese scientists examined a number of farms around the world, including Victoria, that would be suitable and were interested in growing Japanese tea cultivars for the Japanese export market. This resulted in Victorian grown Japanese Sencha.

Australian Shincha is a clean tasting green tea produced from the delicate shoots of the Spring harvest. It is mild and balanced compared to Japanese shincha with notes of freshly cut grass, a balance of savoury vegetables and a delicate sweetness in the mouth.

Australian Shincha pairs well with rice, egg dishes, raw and lightly cooked vegetables and slightly salted foods like cheese. This tea is perfect for enjoying at anytime of day. 

Try this tea with some semi hard cow’s milk cheese or a green bean, salmon and avocado salad.

Leaf appearance: Long flat needle-like jade green leaves

Aroma: A fresh cut grass scent with vegetable notes reminiscent of beans

Liquor colour: Green with slightly cloudy appearance customary to Japanese green teas

Brewing & Storage

Store in an airtight container away from light, heat and moisture.

Brewing Method Amount Temperature Time Infusions
Japanese* 2-3g / 150mL 70˚C – 75˚C 1-2.5 mins 3-4

* Sencha is best brewed using a Kyusu, porcelain or glass teapot or Gaiwan.