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Dong Ding

Tung Ting

Oolong Tea from Taiwan

Our Dong Ding is full-bodied with nutty and toasty notes and a sweet aroma reminiscent of roasted cereal grains.

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Our Dong Ding is full-bodied with nutty and toasty notes and a sweet aroma reminiscent of roasted cereal grains. This tea produces a creamy and rich mouthfeel with a lovely caramel and brown sugar finish.

This year we have selected a high baked option in finishing our Dong Ding which has created a well-balanced and luscious infusion. 

Dong Ding is a classic Taiwanese oolong. It is named after Dong Ding “Frozen Summit” Mountain in the Nantau region. 

Origin: Ming Jian, Nantou county, Taiwan

Flavour profile: Full-bodied | Nutty | Caramel

Processing highlights: Our Dong Ding is 20% oxidised and subjected to a high bake to finish the tea. Processing Dong Ding oolong is time-consuming with many distinct steps. It involves plucking, sun drying, fluffing, fixing and rolling in canvas to form the semi-ball shape (repeated many times).

Harvest: Spring

Cultivar: Si Chi Chun (Four Season Spring)

Tea Master: Mr Chen

Nantou is located in the geographic centre of Taiwan and is the only county that is land-locked. The tea terraces of Ming Jian experience favourable weather conditions and rich red soil that is well suited to growing tea.

Elevation: 400m

Our Dong Ding is full-bodied and complex. The nutty and toasty characteristics are prominent before the floral and woody notes come through. The finish is long and sweet reminiscent of caramel and brown sugar. 

Dong Ding is exceptionally versatile producing a rich and luscious infusion perfect served alone in the afternoon or following the main meal. This tea will pair well with spicy foods, pastries, stone-fruit desserts, butter biscuits and Beaufort cheese.

Try this tea with a baked pear tart or salmon and vegetable rice balls.

Leaf appearance: Canvas wrapped ball style

Aroma: Toasted cereal grain aroma with floral and woody notes

Liquor colour: Straw-like hue

Brewing & Storage

Store in an airtight container away from light, heat and moisture. 

Brewing Method Amount Temperature Time Infusions
Western 3g / 180mL 95˚C First brew: 3 mins, Second brew: 1 ½ mins, Third long steep for chilled tea 3
Gong Fu Cha 4-6g / 150mL 95˚C First brew: 35s Subsequent: 50-80s 3+
Cold brew 9g / 500mL Refrigerate Overnight (approximately 8hrs) 1