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Seimei Matcha

Green Tea from Japan

A premium single cultivar matcha for ceremonial use as ‘usucha’ thin tea.

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A premium single cultivar matcha for ceremonial use as ‘usucha’ thin tea.
Seimei is cultivated for its’ exceptional colour, umami taste and sweet aroma.

Seimei is still a new variety, registered in 2017. It is a rare variety that is only grown in a few areas in Japan and can even be difficult to find domestically in Japan.

We are forever grateful for our network of tea friends, thanks to Mr Miki and our Misato Furimiya we have been able to source a superior matcha during these times when travelling to origin is not possible. Enjoy this genuine taste of true Japanese matcha!

We selected this Seimei for its taste and exceptional drinkability as a simple and delicious bowl of thin tea. 

Origin: Chiran, Kagoshima, Japan

Flavour profile: Semi-sweet | Umami | Velvety

Processing highlights: Our matcha is shaded for at least 3 weeks producing a deeper green leaf and umami taste. The main matcha variety exported overseas is Yabukita, but the crop is ageing and the number of good quality matcha available from this traditional cultivar is decreasing. Therefore, Seimei was developed as an alternative to the Yabukita variety.

Produced: Spring

Cultivar: Seimei

Tea Master: Sourced by Yukihide Miki | Tea ceremony professor (Omote Senke) with 30 years experience. 

Chiran is located in the Southern section of the Kagoshima prefecture. Reknowned for the production of green teas such as Sencha and Fukamushi its' location results in some of the earliest pickings in Japan. Unlike other prefectures in Japan Kagoshima is not dominated by the growth of Yabukita cultivar.

Elevation: 200-285m

A smooth and bright single-cultivar matcha that is naturally sweet and perfectly balanced with savoury and marine notes. As the hot water hits the tea powder a feint toast aroma is detected. 

An excellent matcha to prepare and serve, the foam is easy to achieve resulting in a superior texture and mouthfeel.  

Matcha makes an excellent and versatile tea for pairing with food. It is delicious when combined with sweet baked items and chocolate and works equally well with savoury foods that are lightly salted, seafood and cheese.

Try with a couple of slices of single origin Peruvian milk chocolate. The creamy butterscotch flavours of the chocolate make a perfect pair with matcha. Alternatively pair with a wash rind cheese for a delicious savoury pairing.

Leaf appearance: Finely ground powder with a lustrous emerald green appearance

Aroma: Ocean air with a slight nutty notes

Liquor colour: An intense and vibrant jade green liquor.

Brewing & Storage

Using a chasen (bamboo whisk), whisk the matcha in a W or M motion in the bowl until a jade froth forms.

Milk, soy, rice or almond milk can be added to make a matcha tea latte or serve over ice to make an iced matcha latte.

Brewing Method Amount Temperature
Japanese 2g (2 chasaku scoops) / 60mL  85˚C-90˚C