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Introducing our Australian Tea collection

By Kym Cooper. Posted
Introducing our Australian Tea collection

This week we are pleased to launch a new tea collection featuring Australian grown and processed tea. Our aim for this collection is to showcase and support the talents of our Australian tea makers (tea masters) in producing teas that exemplify their growing region and production methods.

Our initial Australian tea collection, whilst small, has brought together some of the finest green teas from around the country. We hope to encourage tea enthusiasts to experience Australian grown teas for themselves.  

The first two single-estate green teas to be added to our collection have been grown and processed by our friends at Arakai Estate. Arakai Estate is located in the beautiful Conondale Ranges in Bellthorpe (south-east Queensland) and we are honoured to be able to share their teas with you. 

Arakai Estate Artisan Tea Maker

  • Arakai Estate’s 2015 Premium Green First Spring Flush. A wonderfully complex, semi-sweet tea that is aromatic and very much suited to Gong Fu Cha brewing. This exceptional tea was recognised last year (2015) winning the overall green tea category in a blind tasting at the Golden Leaf Awards. This tea is well worth seeking out by tea enthusiasts looking for a special and unique green tea. We have sold out of this tea but we do have Arakai Estate's 2018/19 Green Spring Flush.
Arakai Estate 2015 Premium Green First Spring Flush - first steeping
  • Arakai Estate 2015 Green Mid-Harvest Blend. A great tea for drinking at anytime during the day. It brews a delicious soothing cup with smooth and semi-sweet qualities found in many of this estates teas. Whilst this tea is now sold out we do have Arakai Estate's 2019/20 Premium Green is available for you to enjoy.

Arakai Estate produced their first commercial harvest last year (2015) and we are excited for the future of this tea estate. We have previously written a blog on Arakai Estate here and have also produced our own tasting notes on their teas. 

The third addition to this collection is an Australian Shincha. The tea is grown in the alpine region of north-eastern Victoria. The tea is processed in the traditional style of Japanese sencha and was originally produced for export to the Japanese tea market. It produces a fresh and clean green tea that is great for drinking in the morning or following a meal. This mild green tea makes a great introduction to Japanese style teas but also maintains the characteristic notes of sencha appreciated by tea connoisseurs.  

Australian Sencha - Wet Leaf and liquor

David Lyons, of 18thirtyfour, recently spent a whole day in the Victorian tea fields following the production of Australian green teas (including our Australian Sencha) from the bush to the cup. This is a really great read for anyone interested in learning more about the tea making process. 

If you find it difficult to choose just one of the teas from this collection we have also put together an Australian tea sampler pack that includes all of our Australian grown and produced teas.

The Steepery Tea Co. will continue to look for new teas to add to this collection but in the meantime we would love you to also support our Australian tea makers. We love these teas and we are certain you will be amazed at the quality, flavours and aromas that Australian provenance has to offer!   

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