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Brewing Tea for Mum

By Kym Cooper. Posted
Brewing Tea for Mum

The kettle and the teapot are central objects in many households and a point where many conversations with your Mum have probably taken place. Whatever your tea brewing method, the act of preparing, serving and enjoying tea creates a special ritual that is nourishing for the soul. It is rare that we take a moment to enjoy a shared tea experience, which makes it even more special to find time to brew tea for your Mum this Mother’s Day.

Here, we share some ideas on how to brew tea with extra love and attention this Mother’s Day.

Try loose-leaf tea

Since you are taking the time to brew tea for your Mum why not choose a high quality loose-leaf tea to create a deliciously aromatic and flavourful cup.  

Select a tea just for Mum

Now, for the fun part! Here we have given some ideas about how to select a tea just for your Mum. 

  • Country of origin - choose a tea that has been grown and produced in a particular country or region that might hold a special place in your Mum’s heart. Those countries producing teas may surprise you. An example of some lessor known producers are Australia, New Zealand, Scotland, Vietnam, Brazil, Nepal and Uganda. 

 The Steepery Tea Co. - Tea origins

  • Aroma and flavours - choose a tea for its distinct aromas and delicious flavours. You will be bound to impress a foodie Mum who will enjoy experiencing the diversity of tea. You may consider a savoury Japanese sencha, a Taiwanese milk oolong or a smooth malty Assam. It might be fun to review any tasting notes the retailer has provided and compare tea tasting notes.
  • Tea family - choose from one of the tea families that have unique and interesting processing methods. This will delight any tea enthusiast interested in expanding their tea knowledge. A Tai Ping Hou Kui, processed entirely by hand, is a perfect example of a tea that undergoes specific processing techniques prior to being finished. Or perhaps choose a regional tea family such as the yellow tea from China that is not as readily available as other teas. 

 Tai Ping Hou Kai

Serve tea uniquely

Instead of serving tea the way it is enjoyed everyday consider doing something a little different. Try you hand at cold brewing a jug of tea and serving the tea over ice for a refreshing and thirst quenching tea experience. For brewing guidance on iced teas please read our blog post.

 Cold Brew tea served in Chemex

Re-purpose vessels from around the house to serve tea in a non-traditional way. If you have some small thin-lipped bowls you could turn them into tea bowls or utilise coffee pots instead of teapots to serve your tea. 

Coffee pot and small bowls being re-purposed for tea service

Gift the loose-leaf tea

Package the remainder of the loose-leaf tea and gift it to your Mum as a special Mother's Day gift. It may even start a tradition of sharing and brewing tea for one another.

We wish all the Mum’s of the world a very Happy Mother’s Day filled with love and TEA!

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