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Japanese Tea

By Kym Cooper. Posted
Japanese Tea

We are taking a short (2-week) break from the business to learn more about Japanese tea culture, in JAPAN! We are very excited and cannot wait to immerse ourselves in authentic experiences not only focussed on tea but many aspects of Japanese life. 

In preparing for this trip we have been re-visiting all of The Steepery Tea Co’s Japanese teas. It has been such a pleasurable experience that we wanted to share our cupping experiences with you and encourage you to try Japanese teas for yourself.


Japanese green tea - Matcha

Our Organic Matcha is loved by us here at The Steepery Tea Co. We have written about the fondness we have for this tea in a previous blog. Bold, bittersweet matcha when whisked in a thin preparation (usucha) forms a unique jade froth that sits on top of the tea. This creates an interesting tactile sensation and mouthfeel. Matcha can be prepared as a latte (with your choice of milk) to make a hearty beverage.


Japanese green tea in a  tea bowl - Sencha

Our Organic Sencha is wonderfully refreshing with a pleasant savouriness. Sencha is drunk widely throughout Japan representing around two thirds of Japan's tea production. Sencha is traditionally enjoyed hot in the cooler months and cold in the warmer months. Sencha pairs well with dishes that exhibit umami properties including soy sauce and shitake mushrooms.


Japanese green tea - Hojicha

We have affectionately renamed our Organic Hojicha to Hug-in-a-Cup. This soothing green tea is uniquely roasted at the end of tea making process to create a biscuity brew that is reminiscent of toast and roasted nuts. Not only does this tea have a unique flavour is also very low in caffeine. A very versatile tea that complements most food pairings.


Japanese green tea - Genmaicha

Our Organic Genmaicha is a comforting and warming tea when served hot likened to sitting down to a bowl of chicken noodle soup in the cooler months. The toasted rice kernels give this tea toasty and nutty flavours that are deliciously savoury. Genmaicha makes for a robust and flavoursome meat-free stock. 

We will certainly have a follow-up post(s) when we return showcasing some of the best tea experiences we are fortunate to discover. We look forward to continuing our own tea learning and hopefully making some new discoveries to share with you all!

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