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3 tips to desirable TEA gift giving this Christmas

By Kym Cooper. Posted
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In the spirit of being a mindful gift giver, this Christmas, think about those nearest and dearest teaists in your life and giving them TEA gifts that would bring the greatest joy to their tea tables. 

Here are 3 tips on better tea gifting.

1. Buy TRUE tea and support local businesses

Selecting a true tea based on cultivar, growing region, processing method (e.g., lightly oxidised, heavily roasted etc), the story of the tea maker or the complex aroma and flavour profiles will make for one happy tea drinker. 

There are some very good online tea retailers in Australia that specialise in true teas so why not support a local tea business in the process. Some of my favourite Aussie tea businesses all on the same mission to promote and advocate for true tea include: Cuppa Cha, Okei-san, Tea Angle, Kuura, A Leaf Story and Ms Cattea, I can guarantee any of the owners of these tea businesses are happy to share the story of their teas and give you specific tips on how to derive the most flavourful tea brews.

For luxe, limited release, super special teas we recommend our 2018 Jin Jun Mei Honey, Formosa Bonita 74 and Old Barrel Tea Co. Batch No.1 Jin Xuan. And for refreshing and delicious teas suited to our warm summer holidays we suggest Jasmine Dragon Pearls, Pomelo scented Chelan and Mi Lan Xiang directly from our tea catalogue. 

2. Buy Australian handcrafted teaware

If your Teaist has a tea cupboard that won't close encourage them to get sipping by gifting them a new piece of teaware. We true tea lovers are almost guaranteed to have a secret passion and love for handcrafted ceramic teawares. So get along to your handmade local markets and support local Australian ceramic artists by buying some of their gorgeous pieces. 

We have curated a small group of local artist pieces from Chicaco Smith (Gold Coast), Hoo Ceramics (Brisbane) and One Blue Nest (Brisbane) with a collection of their teawares.

Some of our favourite artists worth seeking out include Sophie Moran, Minna Graham and Katherine Mahoney. The Westend ClaySchool has their Summer Show on Saturday 15 December 2018 so Brisbanites you have no excuses for picking up some stunning pieces. 

3. Buy or seek out an experience with TRUE tea 

True tea lovers also have a thirst for tea knowledge. It is sometimes difficult to find but I can guarantee you if you can find a workshop or masterclass that helps them continue and extend their tea journeys you will be remembered fondly for a long time. Hint...the owners of the tea businesses I have listed above are often putting on events so definitely worth following in your local area. 

Our calendar of events are shaping up for 2019 and some of these may make excellent gifts. Take a look at our masterclasses. 

The Steepery Tea Co. - Tea Appreciation workshop

Photo credit to our favourite Brisbane picture taker Pixel & Halide.

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