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A collection of Japanese Teas you must try 🗻⛩️🎌

By Kym Cooper. Posted
The Steepery Tea Co. - Japanese Tea collection

There is no mistaking that something happened when I visited Japan for an intensive tea study tour last year. Without going into a huge amount of detail in this week's blog somehow I have grown The Steepery Tea Co's tea catalogue to include 10 Japanese teas. Can you believe it??!! 

Whilst I love traditional Japanese green teas with all their savoury, thick and umami-ness I have to say I skirt the fringes with some of my other selections in my tea catalogue.

So to help you navigate my unique collection of Japanese teas here is a little guide. 

I only like black tea

If you are comfortable with your breakfast blacks there are still options to diversify your tea drinking styles. If you turn to Japan you will find Japanese black tea or wakocha. A recent but not entirely new tea type in this region's repertoire. Think rose 🌹 woodsy 🌳 medium-bodied ☕

  • 2017 Kanayamidori Japanese Black  (Bronze medal if the 2019 Royal Agricultural Society Tasmania Fine Food Awards)  - now sold out
  • Asatsuyu Japanese Black

Toast and nutty-ness - yaas! 🍞🌰

Roasted Japanese teas are delicious, comforting and perfect for drinking as hot beverages as much as drinking as cold-brewed teas. 

Something different, port wine perhaps? 🍷

A unique post-fermented green tea from the Shozouka prefecture of Japan, Yamabuki Nadeshiko is sure to surprise and delight you! 

I just want traditional Japanese green tea, please! 🍵 

All the good things about Japanese tea are right here too. When it comes to the familiar green tea qualities I am producer led.

  • Okumidori Matcha. A single cultivar, single origin ceremonial grade matcha that is vibrant and rounded. If you like matcha you will like this, I guarantee!
  • 2019 Kuritawase Sencha
  • Genmaicha. A crowd favourite with a twist, my genmaicha is created using first-flush sencha to maintain the savoury sweetness balanced against the brown rice.

I hope you find interest and inspiration in this tea catalogue. It is starting to heat up down here in Australia and now is the time to dive straight into Japanese teas enjoying the last of their freshness until next year. Would love to hear your thoughts 🤔

As you can see I am back to the blog! Unfortunately, I am not able to commit to the once per week dose you had been getting previously but at least once a month (I promise). And let's face it that is probably all that you want to hear from me anyway 😆 


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