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Cold brewed tea - plain and simple

By Kym Cooper. Posted
Cold brewed tea - plain and simple
We have shown you how easy it is to prepare cold brewed tea here. Now we share some recommendations from The Steepery Tea Co’s tea collection that make excellent choices for iced tea. These particular loose-leaf teas are aromatic and flavourful suitable for enjoying plain and simply.
Cold brewed tea - green
White Tea
Tasting notes:  Semi-sweet | Apple | Honey
Green Tea
Tasting notes: Sweet | Cream | Spice
Tasting notes: Biscuity | Toast | Roasted Nuts
Oolong Tea
Wen Shan Bao Zhong
Tasting notes: ]Velvety | Floral | Almond Milk
Tasting notes: Full-bodied | Nutty | Caramel
Don’t feel limited to these, enjoy experimenting and be guided by your own flavour and taste preferences. Happy brewing!

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