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Tea School

By Kym Cooper. Posted
Tealosophy - Tea School

We launched the concept of our Tea School very quietly at the start of this year. We wanted to bring together all of our tea education under one banner to form a loose path for tea enthusiasts to gain tea knowledge whilst being affordable and flexible. Read all about it here

We wanted to create a format to give people access to resources to learn more about the world of tea and we believe we are creating an excellent non-accredited foundation programme that is responsive and forward-thinking. We want our class and workshop participants to experience the joy of true tea and to feel confident to explore it further in the areas that personally interest them.     

So it seems fitting for our last blog post of the year to be about our Tea School programme for 2019! What seems like something we have been referencing for a year is starting to take shape as we align educators, venues and topics for the first 3 months of 2019. 

So here are the fabulous offerings from our Tea School thus far...

Tea Taster series

  • Tea masterclass & food pairing experience @ Wandering Cooks on 3 Feb 10am-11:30am | Tickets $60
  • Matcha Masterclass: Japan's spiritual and famed green tea presented by Misato Furumiya @ Wandering Cooks 9 Feb 2:30pm-3:30pm | Tickets $35.74

Culinary Tea series

  • Tea Blending - a focus on cold tea infusions @ Work-Shop Brisbane 16 Jan 6:30pm - 8:30pm | Tickets $65 (+bf)

Tea Foundations series

A tea bootcamp designed to sharpen and improve your tea brewing practices. This will involve review of all the brewing parameters you control during tea infusion.

  • Tea Foundations 5 - Tea Practice @ Di Bella 19 Feb 6:30pm-8:30pm | Tickets $74.94

Tea Intensive series

We are very excited to launch our first Japanese Tea workshops to the Brisbane community. We have two topics in our programme. Our Matcha masterclass offered as a tea taster outlined above and the introductory workshop in in our intensive Japanese tea series.

  • Workshop 1: Japanese Tea - an introduction @ Di Bella 16 Mar 10am - 12pm | Tickets $74.94

We have more great tea classes and workshops to come so please subscribe to our newsletter (via the sign up form below) or follow Facebook or Instagram to keep up to date. 



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