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Tea workshops

By Kym Cooper. Posted
The Steepery Tea Co. - Tea Essentials workshop

For those of you following The Steepery Tea Co's journey, you would have noticed we are expanding our services as our tea business grows.

Much of our time has been (and will continue to be) committed to sourcing exceptional pure leaf tea that showcases the quality and diversity of single-origin tea. We are on a mission to see pure leaf tea (produced from the Camellia Sinensis or 'true tea') being enjoyed more widely both in the home and in cafes & restaurants.  

But what we have learnt since we began our business in 2015 is that making pure leaf tea accessible does not necessarily make it approachable. Tea of this kind is largely unknown or understood in Australia. We want to change this and demonstrate that pure leaf tea can be modern, decadent and made relevant for today. This is why tea education has become so important to us.

We have started offering tea workshops to the Brisbane public. These masterclasses are designed as tasters into the world of pure leaf tea, providing some of the tea basics to get you started on your own tea journeys and give you some practical advice on brewing to get the most from the leaf.

We understand that tea education and tea workshops may not seem a likely source for a fun and enjoyable experience. But trust us when we say these are designed to be an interactive and delightful exploration of flavours and aromas. What can you expect in our Tea Essentials Masterclass?

You will be taken on a journey of tea tastings from a number of tea growing regions and we will pair each of our teas with a specially developed tea snack. We currently work with the lovely Tanya from Indie Treats to deliver a completely vegan menu showcasing savoury and sweet treats to delight your senses. With each paired tea and tea snack, we aim to show how the flavours, textures and aromas enhance and compliment one another. Whilst we move through a variety of styles of teas there is a dabble of tea information along the way. 

For the next tea essentials masterclass please take a look at our upcoming workshops. We can also customise this format for corporate or private tea events.  

This is just the start of a series of tea education The Steepery Tea Co. will be rolling out this year. If you are looking to take your tea knowledge to the next level keep in touch as we will be announcing new workshops shortly. 

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