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How to create cold summer tea drinks like a tea specialist!

By Kym Cooper. Posted
The Steepery Tea Co. - Green oolong with orangey syrup

Summer has most definitely arrived here in Brisbane, Australia. We just had a wild midday storm and the temperature is set to soar again into the mid-30s. It is the humidity that does my head in nevertheless it makes great weather for cold tea formats. 

Also, you may not know but I am becoming a budding Instagrammer. If you enjoy the images here these are a flavour of what you will find on my Instagram feed during a given week. I post my tea life daily and would love you to follow and be inspired. Check it out at @thesteeperytea.

I have previously shared recipes and tips on how to make cold tea infusions. But I wanted to go right back to basics and show you how I do this at home when preparing for family and friends, Whilst I am happy to meticulously prepare hot infusions of tea when I think of cold infused tea I want easy breezy! Plus I will share my Green Oolong and Festive Orange Syrup mocktail at the end of this post that I prepared for The Brisbane Tea Meetup last weekend.  

The Steepery Tea Co. - The Brisbane Tea Meetup Krystyna

Firstly, the practical HOW. This is a picture of the tools I use. Filter water. A scale to measure the tea leaves (roughly 5-10g per 1 litre but please trial it to see what you like). 1L glass jugs with silicone lids from IKEA. These are great: economical and reusable. They also come in 500ml if you want to make smaller amounts. And yes, you see it correctly a tea filter (or giant tea bag).    

The Steepery Tea Co. - Cold infusion tea tools

The reason I use a tea filter. Because I put the leaves in and I take them out when the tea is nicely cold infused and I save the whole teabag and place them into another 1L jug of filtered water. The gift that keeps giving :)  

The Steepery Tea Co. - Green oolong and orangey syrup being prepared 

Green oolong and festive orange 🍊 syrup mocktail
🍃 10g Iron goddess of mercy “tie guan yin”
🍊 1 freshly squeezed orange
🍹 1 cinnamon quill, 4 cardamom pods & 3 cloves
📝 cold infuse iron goddess of mercy in 1L of water in a jug overnight (8hrs). Prepare orange syrup by placing orange juice and spices in a saucepan and bring it to a simmer. Strain and place in fridge.
🍹 serve over ice in a cocktail or wine glass and drop 2 tablespoons of orange syrup in.

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