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The Steepery Tea Co's Tea Service

By Kym Cooper. Posted
The Steepery Tea Co's Tea Service at Wandering Cooks

UPDATE JUNE 2020. Due to Covid-19 our tea service has been brought to an end. It was a wonderful opportunity to connect to so many tea enthusiasts and I am certain we will share tea again! Not to worry, The Steepery Tea Co. is still open as a online retail store and popping up all over Brisbane with great tea events!

Brisbane tea lovers rejoice! You no longer need to spoil your Sunday breakfast or brunch out with a cup of poorly made tea. We have created a tea service at Wandering Cooks that any dedicated tea enthusiast would love to have

At its heart, our tea service centres around an interesting and diverse pure leaf tea list*, with each tea being prepared with love and care and served authentically to give you a memorable and enjoyable tea experience.

We encourage you to sit and appreciate the tea experience without urgency. While you're sitting the hot water will continue to flow until you decide the tea leaves are finished.

We have been inspired by many elements of global tea culture and sought to re-imagine the tea experience in a unique and interesting way. Here’s how it works. 

* When we talk about pure leaf teas we are referring to those created from the varieties and cultivars of the Camelia Sinensis tea plant.

The tea

Our tea list is constantly changing but each week we will offer a choice of 15-20 pure leaf teas. We showcase teas from across the world’s tea growing regions focussing on single-region teas, those that demonstrate the skill of the tea maker and those with incredible flavour profiles. Our teas are all served plain.

We take great care in sourcing our teas and we are more than happy to share information on the origin, cultivars and processing methods to allow you to fully understand the tea in your cup and make a connection to the journey it has taken.

Once the tea is selected, our tea service includes 6g of loose leaf tea. Depending on the number of people that are drinking and the tea preparation method we will use 2-4g of tea during the tea service. The remaining tea will be packaged for you to take home (what a nice little surprise!).

The Steepery Tea Co's black glass tea canisters 

The service

Each of our teas exhibits different characteristics depending on whether the tea is prepared using a western or eastern brewing method. Feel free to ask us for a recommendation or an explanation of the difference between the two preparation methods.

We will carefully prepare and brew your tea with considerations given to the weight of the tea, the temperature of the water and the steeping time. 

Your tea will be served using teawares that enhance the tea experience. In some instances, we use glass teapots to allow you to see the beautiful tea leaves dance during their infusion or we may serve you in some incredible pieces handcrafted by local ceramic artists.

Other tea offerings

For those looking for something different, we will also be serving traditional matcha. We make a thin preparation (usucha) of matcha, using traditional methods and present this in our handcrafted chawans (tea bowls).

And for those that want to try a little bit of everything you can select a tea flight. You have the option of selecting one of our suggested tea flights or choose 3 of your own teas to explore and compare.

If it gets too confusing our Tea Sommelier will be on hand to give you some recommendations and assist you in having the best tea experience possible.

Find us at Wandering Cooks (Fish Lane, South Brisbane) every Sunday from 8-11am.


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